Nothing short. haha. 394.2 KB file on MEGA
Might not update.


The settle option is bugged

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In what way though???

When clicking settle, instead of appearing as it should, it shows the raw code and softlocks.

Raw code below:

This text will be blurred(either: A man walks in begging for food and seems to be very hungry. What shall you do? [[Let him starve]](if: $food > 5)[ or [[ Let the man eat.]] ],(if: $happy < 99)[Your assistant approaches you and says the town has gaven you food as contribute for how you have not let them down! 50 more food! (set: $food to it +50) [[Take it and thank them|Play]] ] (if: $happy > 100)[Your assistant approaches you and says the town has gaven you threats as contribute for how you have let them down! food! (set: $happy to it -5)[[Who even cares.|Play]] ],

never mind i got it i already fixed it. This is what happens you forget 1 “)” im uploading the fix now


i already got it ^^^^^^^^^

new link posted… So. Refresh and dowload it. It should play normal now.

I know how you feel lol

I’ve coded a fair share of HTML myself and forgetting a single “>” can break things

well enjoy the new bug fix. It should be normal now.

I found another bug. I think I know what caused it too, thanks to the missing “)” from earlier lol

When Town Happiness reaches 100 and higher, the town will reward you with threats instead of the usual praise.

I think it might be due to this part in the code from earlier:

(if: $happy > 100)[Your assistant approaches you and says the town has gaven you threats as contribute for how you have let them down! food! (set: $happy to it -5)[[Who even cares.|Play]] ],
That “>” should probably be flipped.

I might be wrong since I have literally no experience coding with Twine, but eh.

Bugs or not, this is a good game nonetheless lol

my only question is are you able to make more money?

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I forgot to add the feature… but theres a glitch were you can just continue without using that so just… enjoy the bug while you can xd.

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I’ll get onto it. Seems simple

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What is the game about?
Any screen shot/images?

Alright, so! Time to review a small game made months ago, even though no one asked for it.

The overall premise seems to be your standard royalty simulator. You’re some kind of leader (seemingly a queen) and your options are to eat food, sleep, go to the store, or “settle”. Settle is basically interactions with your people. Though there only seems to be three options. Either they like you and give you more food, they dislike you and nothing happens, or a starving man asks for food and you are prompted with a choice. I’ll get back to these later cause it’s important for my problems with the game.

  1. The writing is a mixed bag. Some of the writing is very short and blunt, or grammatically incorrect, and it’s hard to tell at times whether it is done for comedic effect, out of laziness/lack of time so far, or a genuine struggle on the creator if they are unfamiliar with English. One of the descriptions of yourself after a while has no weight listed because you “broke your scale” and then says that “Your fat as fuck”. The problem is, the writing is honestly the best thing in this game. I enjoyed many of the descriptions, though some of them I took issue with either out of simplicity, or an issue I’ll get to in a second. Discounting the issues of tone and grammar, some of the descriptions are detailed and interesting, and considering this is a text-based choice game with very little in it, they’re kind of the End-all Be-all of this game.
  2. The games resource system is kind of bizarre. We have a weight for our character, but not only does that stop appearing once the “scale breaks”, it also doesn’t seem super relevant to our size/body. I hate to break it to you, but in what world is 200-300 “struggling to move without assistance” level weight? Next is the food system. There are two ways to get food, the store, and from your people. You can buy food for Money at the store. Only problem is, as the creator said, there’s no way to get money in the game as of now. So, you can buy the max amount of food you can from the store, and then just play the game as normal with your pathetic little $1 remaining. Buy a lottery ticket or something. This of course means our only way of getting food is from the people, which leads to the crux of the game’s problems and identity.
  3. This game feels like it’s trying to be like Reigns or something, a game where your choices balance different resources/scales and you try to last long or even “reach the end”. But aside from the previous issues listed, the biggest one is that currently it doesn’t work. The town will give you food at the starting happiness of 50, seemingly infinitely. I just abused the back and forth arrow to dodge something until I had like 5 thousand food stored up, then played as normal. Even at max weight, and doing nothing to help them, the people still gave food, and their happiness remained at the starting 50. As for what I dodged, that’s the real issue. The event that may trigger instead of the food offering, is the starving man I mentioned earlier. If you feed him, you lose some food, and the people are happier. As you’d expect, they don’t like you turning him away in contrast. The problem is, it doesn’t seem to work the way you’d think. I found myself late in a “run” of the game, with the town refusing me food even though I had like 110 happiness and never turned the man down. Was my food supply low? Does my food supply relate to some sort of internal “running the town well” meter? Is it random? Or is something fundamentally broken? Not really sure on that one. It definitely feels counter-intuitive though. Just dodge the starving man and eat every day and you’ll not only reach max size but the people will always like you.
  4. Final thing to note, one of your “rewards” for reaching a high size is “Gourge”. Firstly, not to be a nerd but as far as I can tell it should be gorge. Secondly, it seems to be an event of your character just glutting themselves as much as possible. The problem is it doesn’t exactly function. It’s written as though it should be one of the options under “Eat”, even ending in saying you gained 30 lbs or something. The problem is that it’s a separate option under the shop, and the only option after reading it is “Go Back”, which upon hitting takes you back to the normal game UI, but your weight and fullness seem to be unaffected. So, I’d wager that needs changed. Speaking of, I forgot to mention the stomach fullness. It’s weird to say stomach as a meter, just say fullness or something. Secondly, it’s bizarre that your max “stomach” is always 30, no matter your size. You can eat more, later you can eat up to 100 “stomach” at once. But you’ll spend the next 3 days doing no eating, as you cannot eat until your fullness is below 30 again. This essentially means there’s no point in ever touching the “1 food” option as you’re always trying to wait for it to go down by round amounts of 30, and it also means that half the time you’re just waking up, back to sleep, for days in a row. Kind of a weird system imo.

Overall, a game with potential, seemingly rooted in a style of game I really enjoy, and one that has been experimented with on this site but none really succeeding (outside of maybe that dragon one from the recent Jam). If we are to ignore the bugs and grammar/tone issues, it would still be difficult to totally recommend for anything other than some decent descriptions of a vague fat somewhat slobby queen, as the gameplay itself needs some major overhaul.


I was drunk when I made this


based, based as hell


I’d be down for a sequel. :smiling_face:

If anything, it’s better to start over then try to fix this. Huge a pile of mess. If I get motivated I might make a sequel.