WIP (V2) - Anthro Deathclaw Refits for Coldsteelj's FO4 Weight Gain Mod

Update: I’m putting the vault suit refits on hold. The smooth tool wrecks the uniformity of the gold zipper and blue suit mesh even if I select them together. You need a little more skill and finesse to refit without it, so I think I’d rather put my time into something more productive :upside_down_face:

Hi fellas,

I’ve greatly enjoyed Coldsteelj’s spectacular WeightGain mod, and decided to begin creating a rudimentary refit of Blazze69’s Anthro Deathclaw Race mod (to compliment the already-existing refit of Blazze69’s and Shadowliger’s Lupines mod available in the link to Coldsteelj’s mod).

My files include refits for the nude beast body and both human and beast versions of the casual clothes, the casual shirt, and the tanktop outfits. It also includes a little experiment I made called “anklefix”, which aims to make the feet of the beast mesh scale with the three primary sliders (SSBBW2, SSBBW3, SSBBW_Muscled). Making the neck scale with the body is something I’m not 100% confident about tackling, but I could certainly “fix” the twig ankles!

Default Body

Anklefix Body

This “anklefix” currently only applies to the SSBBW3 slider on the beast body and outfits, and not the human ones. It’s also entirely optional; if you’re not a fan, then you can simply build the body/outfits without “anklefix” in their names.


V1 is just the beast meshes. V2 is beast meshes + human meshes.

V1 Download: 36.9 MB file on MEGA
V2 Download: 50.1 MB file on MEGA

A text file named “Installation.txt” is included in the archive, and it details more exact steps to install the refits. Simply, extract to …\steamapps\common\fallout4\Data\Tools, which should contain your BodySlide folder if you installed through a program like Vortex. Otherwise, extract the contents of AnthroDcRefit.zip\Tools\Bodyslide (a collection of four folders) to wherever your installation directory for BodySlide is. Finally, boot up BodySlide, use the Filter By Group option to narrow down the Outfit/Body items to my refits. Make sure either all sliders are set to 0 or that the “- Zeroed Sliders -” preset is selected, batch build either the “anklefix” outfits or the regular ones, and you should be ready to go!

Thanks for checking out this refit! I’ve tried to cut down on clipping as much as I could. Let me know of any problems with the meshes.

To Do

  • Refit the “Anthro Deathclaw Vault Suit” for both regular CBBE and Beast body meshes.
  • Refit the regular non-beast outfits.
  • Scale beast ankle/feet meshes with the SSBBW2 and SSBBW_Muscular sliders.

Good job anthro lover! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thanks, and excellent job yourself on your SSBBW mod! Really changed FO4 for me :grinning:

You seem to have a firm understanding of the mod. I was having trouble with general installation and wanted to know how you got body slider to work?

Very awesome! I was already using both of these, so this is will be super useful for me when it gets finished

What did you have trouble with in particular? If you send me a PM, I could give you a more detailed response.

It was just getting to work, especially since I also have the vore mod going, and there seem to be some compatibility issues. Plus, having the beast feet options would be real nice!

The mod link is no longer operational.