Wolke Curvy Cow Model Asset

Wanted to promote the great work of Wolkehond. They made a solid fat model base that you can buy on Gumroad. They’ve answered a number of my questions this past year pertaining to blender and modeling fat characters. Seeing a professional 3d model of a BBW character is nice, and it may inform future changes to my own fat character’s rig. Wolke makes models that can be handled in VR chat and Unity, they also create animations so you can count on it being rigged and weight painted well.

  • Shape keys for plenty of facial expressions
  • Shape keys for overall thickness
  • Shape keys for moobs vs boobs
  • Armature rigging that allows for easy expansion of belly region.
  • Excellent topology and smooth weight painting.

If you do not want to spend the money for it but want to see more about how it was made you can check out the some of what was recorded on twitch.

Look simply scaling the right Belly bone will get you results like this!


Also please check with the creator and the gumroad page for clarifications on how it may be used.

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Does this qualify for project help?

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Where would you recommend placing this category? I can take it down and repost it there.

I got you. You don’t need to do anything I’ve already moved it.

Regardless of the quality of the model, I’m not sure under what circumstance anyone would use this.

Well there aren’t many good quality fat character meshes people can use for their games. Not everyone is gonna have the time to custom make 3d meshes for use in a weight gain related game. Its quality is rather important as optimized meshes are important for getting decent animations and performance.

I’m honestly a bit surprised why you don’t think it would be a useful asset. If it’s a matter of the model being a cow, it would be totally doable to swap the feet and head.

Well, the “You may not:” section says:

Resell or redistribute the avatar or any of the download contents, either directly or as part of another package

… Which seems to point toward disallowing the use of the model in anything that you’d put up for download, free or not. So, this isn’t really something anybody can use in a game. Theoretically, it’s allowed to be used in an animation, as per

Use these avatars for streaming, YouTube videos, etc. including monetized videos

… And maybe you could insert that animation as some kind of FMV into a game… But I don’t see why you’d do that, to be honest.

Cool model, regardless.

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Fair, if it would be helpful I can try to clarify that with the maker as using it for a game jam would be pretty neat. But it could also be used a placeholder for game prototyping where it isn’t being distributed in downloads which is handy for me personally. I’ll look into it.

Again as a learning tool for modeling fat characters this is excellent.

How did you manage to change the belly size? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Oh yeah its straight forward. Go to the rig and find the belly bones. If you scale those then you expand the size. You might find him messing with the rig here somewhere.