Women of Curvage

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Does anyone else find it deliciously ironic that in the ‘Women of Curvage’ thread over on Curvage, the thread header contains ** NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND HERE**, but 90% of the thread is nothing but advertising from Curvage models?


I always figured it was just a relic of when the site didn’t have its own store and it was made to funnel the women on modeling sites such as BigCuties/c4s into the (paid) Paysite Promotion forum, which is now empty. Definitely kinda weird, now that you point it out.

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Yeah, no advertising means no advertising other websites. Which mostly just meant bigcuties.com but probably applied more broadly.

I think the message literally just wasn’t edited when they opened their own store, but I think most people are aware of how it works.

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Oh, I’m sure the original intention, long before there were Curvage models, was to prevent paysite models getting free advertising. But they’ve had Curvage models for several years now and the warning is still there :stuck_out_tongue:

Relic or not, it’s several years out of date (and not exactly hard to miss) so I just find it really amusing that it’s still there, especially given that the whole Curvage site pretty much revolves around its models these days.