Work In Progress: The Ballad of Gweith Iagn

The Ballad of Gweith Iagn

Hey Everyone

I’ve been skulking on this forum for a while, until I finally decided to start working on my own WG-related game.

I’m still at its beginning, but the journey has been crazy since

  • I didn’t know how to draw at all
  • I had no experience with any game engine / never used RPG Maker

So armed with good will and some patience, I started doing stuff.

My idea for the game

Making an RPG with multiple endings about the Journey of the Main Character.

The game will also have a village/guild management section, in which you can interact with your followers.

The story goes as following:

  • A human gets reincarnated in a fantasy world (classic Isekai trope)
  • The goddess that has chosen him, grants him the power of gluttony. He will be able to inspire/control gluttonous people
    • He will have to defeat the champion of an evil goddess, the Demon Queen (I know, I know)
    • To do so, he will have to assemble an army, fatten them up (to control them) and defeat the enemy

The main character will travel across different kingdoms, meeting lots of characters with quests.

He can use different methods to induce possible followers on the path of gluttony, and this contributes towards a certain Karma point system, triggering the endings

The main character can also evolve in different classes, unlocking new special ways to complete certain quests, speeding up positive/negative Karma acquisition

Now, I’d like to “steal” some cool mechanics/ideas from other games I’ve played.

In particular

  • Jack-o-nine tales’ slave breaking mechanics, re-fitted on weight gain and gluttony
  • Free cities management system, wildly simplified especially if done on RPG Maker
  • Vale city “evolution” for weight gain, a bit Pokemon-esque with level up
  • Fire Emblem setting in terms of characters variety, medieval fantasy setting

Available material

I started posting on deviant art HyperSoc - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt and Notion Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. about progress done

What do I need now?

For the moment I’m in no rush, drawing characters, thinking about the story and so on.

I checked for possible plug ins to implement some ideas from point 3 and for some stuff, I’m not sure it’s possible to make it happen.

Since my proficiency with RPG Maker (or any other engine for what matters) is extremely limited, I would probably need a collaborator to make the game part of this project actually happen.

Eventually, I’ll learn how to do it myself, but it’s a matter of months if not years since I start from scratch.
if anyone is interested in collaborating, let’s have a chat!



Welcome to the forums! Seems like you’ve got a pretty solid roadmap for the game, and some great artwork!


Looking nice. I will watch this project with gusto.


Great interest


Jack-o-nine, FC, Vale City and Fire Emblem all rolled into one game?
Sounds amazing, looking forward to it.


gotta say the art looks really good! exactly the type of WG i like

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Am definitely interested in what type of inflation you will add in


It’s been about a month since I posted this.
A couple of updates on progresses

  • Added a Gathering system through scripting so the player can collect ingredients, as well as a crafting plugin (CC_ItemCrafting) to cook recipes. New recipes will be found across the world as reward for exploration

  • Monsters will only drop ingredients and gold but no Exp.
    All characters will remain at Lv1, while foods will permanently increase character statistics as well as their “Gluttony” stat which will cause them to gain weight, learn skills, special dialogues and so on
    This implies full control over the character builds and possibility to over-level through farming. I need to make sure the design will prevent that.

  • I added through scripting a camping function. Through an Item, the player can access a “camp” map where to rest, cook and interact with characters in the party.
    I plan to set it up so that most of the weight gain events, as well as some funny random ones will happen periodically.
    There will be many characters that the player can choose to have in the party, a bit Mass Effect style, so specific events will trigger based on the situation

  • Pixilart (the website I use to draw) added a new filter tool so my artstyle will change a bit. Below one of the characters, the Vanguard Knight, before and after its weight gain evolution.
    There are intermediate steps as well, but I don’t want to spoil too much


This seems like it’s going to be such a cool system! I’ve always been a fan of Mass Effect companion interactions. And I’m really liking the art! My one critique is that her face could be a bit rounded in the second stage. Although as-is it still looks really good


Well this is looking good I do like the idea that you increase there statistics by eating food which means you can change them to fit you want them to be.