World of Virtual Fattys (Upcoming Simple Virtual Fatty Game)

Welcome to another upcoming game world of virtual Fattys now this game will developed with the latest rpg maker engine everything you do in this game will always happen and take effect right away for those that like to see effects right away without waiting you basically create your own virtual fatty that you would like to take care of you can make him/her as fat as you want are you interested in muscle gain instead no problem you can also him/her dangerously buff and you can still make him/her even more buff are you interested in slobs not a problem there’s everything related to slob content scat possible urine inflation gas inflation scat inflation and etc plenty of stench and filth if you want him/her to be a slob and there’s even more you can do or are you more interested in something kinda like the sims or any life simulation there’s plenty to do in this game get a job go to school get drunk get high plenty of shopping earn money gamble do some gaming and even more you’ll never get bored of the life simulation addition and yes this game will al.ost feel like as if it was an open world game are you excited for this game I hope you are so do stay tuned for more on this game here and on my discord


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