would it be possible for a fat texture pack for a paper mario game to be made? 🤔

dolphin is an easy way to inject custom textures into the gamecube/wii era games, so it should theoretically be possible to make custom textures that replace characters with fat versions of themselves. ex: peach

I have absolutely no idea how to go about this or if it is even possible, however.

I looked into how it would be done in TTYD and it’s really simple. here is my proof of doing it
what I did was download the png version of the HD textures and just edited it in gimp. not sure how it would be done on N64 but I know that it can be done there too. it’s probably harder though


Mhmhm…now this would certainly be worth seeing. I have a select few characters in mind, but I’ll keep that…under my hat for the time being…

Speaking of the original Paper Mario, it might be worth looking into the Star Rod editor. I don’t think it ever allowed users to actually create textures for NPCs, though.

I have seen it be used to make custom enemies and partners. most projects doesn’t have custom NPC’s but I found this video that have one so it is possible

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It’d be cool seeing.

I think the original N64 game is easier due to the sprites being more simplified compared to the GameCube and Wii games.