Would pregnancy fit "weight gaming" requirements for posting?

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if games that feature pregnant expansion (as well as breast, hips, butt expansion) would be close enough to the general theme to be eligible to post on this forum?

There’s a game I’m working on with some other folks that would feature little flash gifs whenever a body part expands, and would have little illustrations for how big the player/enemy breasts, belly, butt/hips are.

It’s something we can only work on during the weekends, so it’s going to be a long time before it’s ready. Probably it will be a twine game with some original art in it.

Please let me know it that’s something the community would want or appreciate.


Good day bluegreydragon2464!

To answer your question, we support and allow all expansion based fetishes including pregnancy so feel free to post your project here if you would like! We are a community based around making games and in general as long as the content in question complies with US law its perfectly fine to post here.

I would like to state though that pregnancy can have some edge cases that can run afoul of our rules, but as long as you stick to the expansion part and are willing to work with us if you hit any of those edges cases you should be perfectly fine as far as our rules are concerned.


Would you mind elaborating on these “edge cases”?

Alright cool, not sure what the edge cases would be; but my plan was mostly to stick to the expansion/growth/development of curves (and the pregnancy), and have the birth mostly be implied off screen.

Hopefully that wouldn’t violate any of the “edge case” rules.

The main issue that can come up anything that can involve children can run afoul of US child pornography laws. Depending on how birth is portrayed (if it is at all) it could be seen as problematic due to how grey those laws are.

@bluegreydragon2464 idea of just having it implied and off screen is the safest way to do it.


Alright cool, I’m not a “birth” fetish kinda guy, I just like the growth/expansion. So yeah, I’ll probably just have any childbirth be implied and off screen.
Well, I’ll see if I can get something of the game my friends and I are working on sometime next year.

Thanks for answering my questions.

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Generally speaking, for games that are less wg-centric or wg-adjacent, I suggest looking at tfgames.site (if you haven’t already), which occasionally has relevance to content here, though not always. Apart from having a larger community, it also has more resources for developers, like file hosting, which isn’t an option here just yet.

Personally as a non-site-owner, I’d say it depends what the main theme is. If the pregnancy is the important thing, there are places better suited for that, but if it’s mostly just a theme or conceit for the wg/expansion then I think you’ll be more than happy here.

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Fair enough, I just want to make sure I’m not leaving out any potential fans.

I am aware of TF Games site, the only issue is that a lot of times games about gender transformation tend to be the ones that get all the attention/clicks, while pregnancy games don’t always do as well.

Regardless, I’ll see if I can do both; though if it doesn’t do well on this site I won’t bug you guys afterwards.

Hopefully it finds fans in both places.