Would you prefer a visual novel where your character gains weight or a character that you meet?

I am thinking about trying out making some renpy interactive wg visual novel. There are two types that I could make:
1.Like “Weighting Game” where you play as a character whose gf gains weight
2.Like “Gain of Life” where your character gains weight
Which do you like more?

I feel like the first one would be more “realistic” as in in the second option, unless your character wants to gain weight, picking options that lead to weight gain but at the same time have your character thinking (like written thoughts you can read) about that weight gain while doing it any way but intentional feels like it’s conflicting with itself. In the first option your character - like in “Weighting Game” - would enjoy weight gain in others and their choices would be intentional to make someone gain.

  • The player is gaining
  • Another character is gaining
  • Both

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Maybe if you made this into a poll, we’d get a bigger census. As for me, I’m not sure as I haven’t tried a big enough sample size since I don’t generally read visual novels.


I would imagine that consensus would lean towards making another character gain weight. From a story standpoint there’s a lot of appeal in (force)feeding another and from a dev standpoint it’s one set of sprites to update if the game is told from a first-person perspective with an unseen MC.

I’d wager it’d be a pretty strong leaning were it to go to a poll, but hey you never know!

I’m here for the MC gaining weight, personally. But yeah, I think it’d be helpful to have a poll.

How do you make a poll on this site? I’m new here and i can’t find anything.

I prefer to meet them.

From what I can tell, when you make or edit a post, along the top of the text enter field on the right there is a symbol of a cog, if you click on that you get an option called “Build Poll”:


Depending on how you make the images for the game, the E N L I G H T E N E D option is to allow for one or the other, or for mutual gain, depending on what the player’s fantasies tend to be. This means you need more art assets, but it also lets your project stand out by giving the player options that I personally don’t see in a lot of these games.


personally I like both but there aren’t many games that feature both mlm content and feedee, feeder, and mutual stuff

Of course both are great lol, but if I have to choose a single one, I’d go for a scenario where my character is the one going through the wg scenario, there is something about it that makes me like it more compared to seeing a character be the one gaining

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My preference is to be the gainer in these sorts of scenarios

It’s a tough question to answer as both options are good.
Personally I would lean towards the player being the gainer, there is just something about being in that situation and letting it all go that just tickles in a way that fattening a partner doesn’t. I think it’s the fact that you are in full control, as opposed to a partner who often in these scenarios isn’t as into it initially as you are. But that is fun in its own way.

Hmm… honestly i am ok with both when it comes to this.

When it comes with Visual Novels, you can concentrate mostly on the story without needing to worry a lot about game-play itself if you don’t want to & just make it heavily based on the options the readers want to chose and go down though with the only limitation being just the choices there are.

Ok that was a bit of an obvious pointer towards the Advantages of visual novels let me go into a rough summery of why specifically i voted for both

When it comes to reader/ players character gaining weight or the story Main Character it gives us a much more mental idea of what the character is going through as they gain more weight physically making feel a bit more personal as they push their body to eat more.

As for Other characters… our characters or Main character get to see the physical changes to the other characters over time as they gain while experiencing the gradual changes with there social interaction and to their lifestyle as they gain more weight be it intentionally encouraging it or being a bystander worrying about their friends growing needs.

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First up I’d say make what you would like to make/play. I think a VN lives and dies by the writing, and your enthusiasm (or lack of) for the subject will come through in that.

Having another character gain fits the format well, and can easily be described though normal dialogue and pictures. Having the PC gain is a little trickier as you either have to have NPCs comment on the PCs changing size, provide some way for the PC to examine themselves, or have internal dialogue (the way I went with Tramp) - and there’s the tricky question of retaining player agency (typically leading to more choices that need to be made while playing).

I ended up voting for “both”, because it’s a scenario I like, but I recognise it would be a lot of work leading to more code, more dialogue, and more art needed - all reasons not to go down that route!


Well of course “Both” would be surging ahead - I mean, why settle for one gainer when you can have two, right? :laughing:

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My vote is for one character - simply because I have a very good idea just how much extra work would be involved in the ‘both’ route.

I’d agree with @dingotush about writing for yourself rather than other people. You’ll enjoy working on it much more if your story is something that really interests you, and it’ll almost certainly be a better game for that.


I think writing wise you have a lot more possibility with writing when a different character than the MC is gaining. If they are the one gaining, you are much more able to explore the relationship side of things, and choosing the option that is “eat more” isn’t always the correct one long term. When your character is the one gaining, “eat more” is virtually always what you are going to choose. Now that doesn’t mean that well designed games with the MC gaining can’t add more dynamics or story into the game and make it more interesting where “eat more” isn’t always what you want to pick, but I think it is much harder to do well.

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