Wouldn't it be nicer to have all the Character AI or Caveduck characters in the general discussion category?

Currently Character AI or Caveduck characters are being discussed in Project, General Discussion and other catagorys.
This makes both those who like AI chatbots and those who don’t hard to search it or avoid it.

Also, AI chatbots are like a simple character customizon preset in games, which is different from mods and games, which makes the most of the project category.

so I think it would be nicer to have in general discussion category.


They recently added a tag for it so you can sort that way. They even have tags for specific sites so if you’d rather use Caveduck instead of Character.ai you can do that too.

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Well, that would work for those who are looking, but for those who want to avoid it?

You can mute tags you don’t want to see in your preferences under tags.

It’s not impossible to make them into their own category but the tags currently solve both issues raised in this post.


This only works if people tag things correctly.


Sure, but that also would be the case with it having its own category. It would need to be in the correct category for people to find it or ignore it.

If the trend for an increasing prevalence of AI chat bots is set to continue, then further measures may need to be taken in order to prevent them from impacting the forum experience.

Please do continue to discuss the topic here as it will help us when we’ll be taking a closer look at the issue.


It can block it like that, but sometimes you want to see the AI chatbot and sometimes you want to see the game separately. It’s inefficient to change the settings every time.

What do you mean see the game and chat bot separately?

I’m assuming they mean sometimes they only want to see the Projects, other times only the A.I. chatbots.

I’m kind of 50/50 on this. On the one hand they definitely fit the description of a project and are roughly as interactive as branching-choice text adventures, but on the other they’re by far the most common new topic in the Projects category and the vast majority die out in activity within a week. They also typically attract a fraction of the views that new games do, so we end up with a bunch of new topics constantly being made that most people (seemingly) aren’t interested in.

I’m more in favour of creating a new category for them since they lead to a lot of clutter (and there looks to be an increasing amount being made), but I can also understand why it might not happen.

I think the community would benefit with a change like this. There’s such a huge influx of users creating these ai characters that it’s a little overwhelming. They are also different than a game for the most part, as it’s more of an interaction. Plus, Table Top Games has its own category, since it grew so popular that it often confused people who were looking to test projects on pc.


I’m in the camp for a separate category. If a user doesn’t want to mute tags and wants to scroll through the projects category, having it be flooded with chatbot topics with 100 views and no replies just adds too much clutter to sift through to find topics about games that are actually in development.


It needs its own category IMO, or at the very least, it needs to be removed from the ‘projects’ category. While there aren’t loads of AI chat posts on here, I think it’s substantial enough to the point where it bloats the category with topics that almost no one engages with, and even by the loosest definitions, can barely be called a ‘game’

As someone who has been part of making them, for sure they belong outside of the projects category. Either in general or an otherwise closed off thread. I have an affinity with the tech but it poses a huge threat to pollute an area given how it has absolutely 0 barrier for entry for better and worse.


A bit late in joining the discussion on this, but a separate category might be a good idea…

I don’t have anything against AI - I think it’s going to be amazing with a few more years developement, but at the time of typing this, four of the five most recent threads in the Projects section are AI ones.


One of the other issues is that Caveduck, in particular, is a pyramid scheme.

You need credits in order to chat, and you can gain more credits if people chat with bots you make. This incentives people to try making tons of bots in the hopes that someone tries chatting with them, which would then continue the cycle. Quality is often thrown to the side in favor of quantity of bots and of clicks, which incentives posting new bots in high traffic locations.


That’s a good point. I’ve not tried many of these bots, but whenever I have, they let you get so far, then won’t let you go any further without either paying or acquiring credits in some way.

It was said that it would be better to use General discussion as the topic title, but I think a new category would be best.

As I said, Chatbot does not fit into the Project category. It is different in nature from the games handled in the project category, and content is already being uploaded as much as tabletop games.

Personally, I’d enjoy these chat bots more…if I didn’t have to do 90% of the setup. It feels like I’m doing a one sided rp most of the time, and at that point, I might as well just start writing a fanfic detailing the other characters feelings and interactions. It’d be a damn site better than giving a small paragraph of detail, only for the bot to repeat the same lines 3 times in a row…

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I’m very glad to see that there’s now a chatbot category on the site :slight_smile: