Writer and Mapmaker

Hey there,

I’m a long-time amateur writer and roleplayer, who has also dabbled into RPG Maker map creation, making this post to put myself out there to anyone needing help or someone to handle any of these things.

I also have a Discord RP server that I describe more in-depth on my other post in Projects, in case anyone is interested. Looking forward to knowing and working with the community!


Welcome! I hope you find an outlet for your skills!

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Welcome aboard, Eclipsis! That’s an intriguing talent you are purporting the share - any examples of your work?


Depends on which talent you’re talking about, the easiest place to see my writing would be either of the Discord RP servers I’m in, as I haven’t written an outright story so far but have thought about it more than once and would be happy to. As for my RPG Maker mapmaking skills, I’ve made a few but currently only have one I could show, although I’d have to ask the person whose game I made it for as that content hasn’t been released yet. That said, if you have any request or interest regarding my work even just out of mere curiosity, I’m open for requests and don’t require payment.


Sorry, to clarify I had meant the mapmaking moreso but, that being said, another talented writer is never amiss round here!