Writing an ENFJ character

So, I’ve been slowly been working on a twine interactive story (I don’t know when/if I’ll finish it or release it). Anyway, the main character is supposed to be an ENFJ, but I feel like she doesn’t always come off as such. At times, I feel like she sounds more like an INFP (unsurprising, since that’s what I am). Any tips on to make a character sound/come off as an ENFJ? Also, I’d be happy to share a sample to anyone who has any insights.
It is a sequel to a Twine story that I released a year or two ago.

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Hey there. Am not super active on here and may not follow the rest of the project but thought I’d help as a fellow mbti person. I’m an isfj guy btw

If you are an infp and you are writing a female enfj you are already off to good start, because the two types have some commonalities. In basic terms both are intuitive and “feelers.” Where you might differ is in extroversion and judging. Plus this next bit

I’ll make a chart breakdown of both types specifically their Primary and Shadow Functions for comparison

*INFP (you)

  • Primary Functions
  1. 1st Dominant- Fi (Introverted Feeling)

  2. 2nd Auxiliary- Ne (Extroverted Intuition)

  3. 3rd Tertiary- Si (Introverted Sensing)

  4. 4th Inferior- Te (Extroverted Thinking)

  5. 5th Shadow- Fe (Extroverted Feeling)

  6. 6th Shadow- Ni (Introverted Intuition)

  7. 7th Shadow- Se (Extroverted Sensing)

  8. 8th Shadow- Ti (Introverted Thinking)

ENFJ (character)

  • Primary Functions
  1. 1st Dominant- Fe (Extroverted Feeling)

  2. 2nd Auxiliary- Ni (Introverted Intuition)

  3. 3rd Tertiary- Se (Extroverted Sensing)

  4. 4th Inferior- Ti (Introverted Thinking)

  5. 5th Shadow- Fi (Introverted Feeling)

  6. 6th Shadow- Ne (Extroverted Intuition)

  7. 7th Shadow- Si (Introverted Sensing)

  8. 8th Shadow- Te (Extroverted Thinking)

Hope these tables are legible. Primary ones are the first four and the Shadow ones are the last four. The point is that your Introverted/Extroverted functions are basically reversed. They aren’t your literal opposite (estj) but you don’t share one of your primary or secondary functions with them. Makes sense you might struggle to relate to a character of this type! My recommendation in regards to writing would be this- where in real life you might be an introvert in a particular realm (function) imagine them being the opposite and being extroverted in that same arena. Where you might be extroverted they will be introverted. Keep exploring different perspectives and I hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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This post and the response gives me the same feeling as people talking about their horoscopes. Especially the functions, it reads like some sort of psychic training manual. Are you guys robots? I also find it funny that your protagonist has the “protagonist” personality type. Anyways to address the actual question you could try thinking about what YOU would NOT do in a situation you place the character in. If they’re extroverted, just imagine who you would be uncomfortable or nervous to talk to and have her jump right into it.

Thank you for your thoughtful, helpful response! That sounds like a good idea, to imagine the extroverted (and introverted) equivalents of mine in aspects of life

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Glad you found it helpful! Best of luck

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