Writing.com replacement

Hey all, I’m working on a website in html5 to replace Writing.com for belly stuffing interactive stories HOWEVER, my coding knowledge is dull and I’m learning as I go. Anyway once I get a slider of what the website will be like I’ll ask for funding to make it live. Stories will be only expansion and belly stuffing However, if the masses want something then I’ll consider it.

I’ve made a discord where you will get early access to new versions of the site

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Howdy everyone I have a concept out but no stories those will come at a later date

link for website code: Dropbox - Website 1.0 .rar - Simplify your life

  1. if the links don’t open or something tell me. But if they really don’t work you’ll have to go into the files to change what you wanted to click on so obviously if there was an annotation for “Grand Theft Auto” you’d search the files for “Grand Theft Auto”

  2. the base stories will be added once I secure a writer or get tired of it and write one myself