Writing.com stories you feel deserve more chapters

Got any stories you think are underrated? Or perhaps you want a continuation to an abandoned string? Whatever the case…

Lets take this as an opportunity to leave your favorite writing.com stories so that our community of amazing writers could help add to them if they want.

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I followed the link, but apparently you have to be a member to read anything there. I’d rather not go through the process, just in case I end up signing on and having a dead account…If there are stories worth reading, sure, but I have no way of knowing that, from what little I know.

Guess I’ll go first.

This one was shaping up to be quite interesting, but it suddenly hit a dead end. Would love to see someone continue this.

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Writing dot com has basically scuttled thier own website by putting so many barriers between users and the interactive stories that nobody can be bothered anymore. Even if you have an account you can barely explore any of the pages. What I would like is a new website or html5 widget or something to allow for interactive stories on a new website.


There’s a number of us, myself included, who are quite active on the site despite its flaws. It definitely needs to be reworked, but I do have to question your assertion that no one can be bothered anymore. It’s not a dead site in any way.

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Back when I joined there were new story chapters every day, loads of people were submitting new stuff. Nowadays you can’t even look at the chapter list without having a log-in screen shoved in your face and messages telling you that you need a paid account to do pretty much everything. Heck, I even found a project that converted all of the interactive stories into portable java files because they were so sick of trying to view it via the website.

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Author of Codex Corpulentia here, though I haven’t had much time to add to it since I’ve started it. I have to agree with Tombot’s assessment about the site’s current state, unfortunately. Despite even having been gifted a paid membership last year by an awesome anonymous fan (Thank you so much if you happen to read this, I still appreciate it immensely), adding new chapters can still feel pointless sometimes due to how few people are able to put time or money in to fight these systems put in place.

The fact is that Writing.com has been doing everything they can to dissuade Interactives from thriving due to the idea that they can’t make any money off of them. I also find it absurd that they are technically charging people money to view the content of authors and not paying them anything for it.

One day I’d love to get back into writing interactive chapters, because I still enjoy making up these scenarios and playing around with these fantasy concepts. There are very few other mediums that let you create bad ending pathways, which I always find delightful to combine with weight gain. However, that the community has dried up so much after all the changes Writing.com has made is nothing short of discouraging in a time where creativity already feels stifled in the world we live in.


That’s…unconscionable of them. “You’re using our website, but even though it doesn’t cost us anything, we’re charging you and anyone who tries to access your content!” Shudder I don’t exactly mean to be the Tesla of writing, but if creativity could be shared more freely, it’d be nice. Orderly, separate sections based on (intended, by age at least) demographics…“Not all dreams are meant to come true every day, I suppose.” to quote my favorite museum curator.


Anons on bbwchan have made or found a tool that grabs stories. Not sure if it was pre or post 2020 wipe, but it exists.

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I had a copy backed up as it turns out.: Writing.com - Interactive Stories Archiving Project - Google Sheets

Edit: God damn, I forgot how much garbage there was on that site. I swear there was just this one guy who did nothing but post stories with the same concept but with a different character or location over and over again.

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It’s like this one guy on writing dot com. Every time I saw him post something, it was another options chapter. So I went to his profile and checked.

Over a hundred chapters, all to the same interactive, and ALL were more options chapters. I could hear him saying, “I’m more of an idea guy. The details are for other people.”


Yeah, this always happened with interactives without proper focus, give people too much choice and you get a billion characters to choose from and no actual stories for any of them.

To be fair though, the other side of the coin on this is they were paying the servers to host them, and apparently the way they set up interactives meant they took up a lot of server space. Can’t say for sure, but I remember that being the official explanation. There’s also the fact that there were plenty that weren’t really up to snuff either, with many just being continuous chains of indecisive or low effort chapters with one, maybe two sentences to bait other authors to put in more effort for their ideas.

For my interactives I think I set a rule against that sort of thing that helped out, and the few that still did this I either tended to delete them or more often edit them myself into something more substantial. Even so I still don’t like the plan they ultimately settled on to handle it and still wish for an alternative site.


Unless you registered a premium account on the site, which requires real money, then you’re stuck with the first four chapters of interactive fictions.