Yaffaif Misc Modding Stuff

Right, so, back again as the sole person modding Yaffaif, giving an update on what I’ve been doing.
So I’ve mainly just implemented a bunch of miscellaneous things: a hyper value tab, a detailed measurement tab, a skill tab, magic&special skills, basic magic items/weapons&mana, classes, and a few more minor things.

Hyper tab:

So, the hyper gui is basically just an extra tab showing the current ‘hyper’ levels of body parts for which they’re tracked. In addition it also shows the tracked value and its max value before becoming incapacitating, and whether it went up or down recently.

More detailed measurements tab:

Given the default measurements tab lacks a lot of info and isn’t really specific about what’s what, I implemented my own version originally for debug use, and eventually made this one:

Skill tab:

When I decided to implement magic, I wanted it to use skills, but then quickly realized that without some form of gui that’d quickly become really annoying to deal with for players. Sooo I made a gui for skills, which also allows for descriptions and perks and such:

New skill types&magic:

So I’ve added two new skill types, special skills and magic skills. The intention is to eventually make magic skills keep track of learnt spells for a spellcasting system, but right now the main distinction is that magic skills mostly change your ability to use related magic items while special skills mostly apply effects on their own. Skills can also have perks, but not a lot of those exist right now.

Right now the only way to actually use those skills is a set of magic items, split into two main categories: direct and targeted. Targeted is no different from weapons, and hits/misses based on skill level and a bunch of other factors. Direct, however, directly targets something and instead has a chance to fail/backfire based on skill level/fatigue/misc factors.

There a few misc items which help with acquiring skills like mana control though, like the crystal orb which does mainly just that.

Currently implemented magic skills:
  • Recovery
    As of right now it’s the catchall for all healing stuff, of which a single exists.
    Namely, the ‘Healing Charm’, a direct magic item which uses 1k mana to heal the user. Given it’s a direct magic item, it has a chance to backfire, upon which it instead of healing n hp fattens the user by n kilograms.

  • Cryomancy
    Catchall for ice-type things, currently only used for wands of ice shard. So just magic weapons which do ice damage, but not much more as of right now.

  • Pyromancy
    Catchall for fire-type things, currently only used for wands of fire bolt. So just magic weapons which do fire damage, but not much more as of right now.

  • Lipomancy
    Catchall for fat-related magics, but currently only used for wands of lard splash. Lard splash being a spell which fattens for the same amount of kilograms as it does damage.

Currently implemented special skills:
  • Mana Control
    Just the basic magic skill which grants the user with a mana cap and mana regeneration. Pretty much necessary for all the other ones. Currently it’s increased by using a crystal orb to practice.

  • Mana Tanks
    An extension of Mana Control which makes it so the user’s mana cap and regen are increased by a factor of their bust size, skill level, and intelligence. It, however, also makes their current mana level count towards volume and mass for their bust size. To offset that slightly, it does increase the maximum bust mass one can carry before being incapacitated.

  • Protective Padding
    A skill implemented for one of the classes, which makes it so one gets a bonus to their max hp based on the bfp of their butt+thighs, updated each night.

  • Thickened Skin
    A skill implemented for one of the classes, which makes it so one gets a bonus to their ac based on their total bfp, updated each night, as long as they aren’t covering up too much of their body.


So, classes are basically just sets of skills/equipment/misc changes that one can choose to start off with. I thought it’d be a good idea to let players start off with some things for when I make dungeons or somesuch content, and this felt like a good way to do it.

Currently implemented/planned classes:
  • None
    The default “I don’t want a class” setup, gives nothing and makes you start with the normal equipment instead.

  • Cryomancer/Pyromancer
    Basically the same class except for which magic skill they start with, and what colour their equipment has. Mainly just has robes, higher intelligence, and their respective magic skills and wands.

  • Warrior/Rogue
    The regular melee classes. Warriors start with a higher strength, a broadsword, and better armour, while Rogues start with a higher dexterity, a dagger, and leather armour. Nothing all too special about these.

  • Bikini Warrior
    The more on-theme version of the Warrior class, whose armour is replaced with a stretchy bikini and gets the Thickened Skin skill to compensate. As described earlier, said skill improves ac based on bfp, updated each night, as long as the user isn’t covering up their body more than a little. They also start with a significantly increased bfp on top of the selected weight.

  • Rogue (Needs new name)
    The more on-theme version of the Rogue class, which needs a new name to differentiate it from the regular rogue. In addition to the Rogue’s normal equipment, they get the Protective Padding skill, which as described earlier improves max hp based on butt+thighs bfp and is updated each night. In addition, their lower clothing is stretchier and far more of their weight goes to their butt+thighs.

  • Lipomancer
    The more on-theme version of the Xmancer classes, which currently instead gets Lipomancy, a wand of lard splash, and a slightly higher starting bfp. Said wand in addition to doing damage fattens for an amount of kilograms equal to the damage. Equipment may still change as the skill changes.



Some of the more minor things include fatigue gain from moving around with hyper values above unusual, a few bfp descriptors above ‘incredibly obese’, and making more clothing types use body part sizes instead of just total body mass.

Anyhow, before I release a new test version of these features I wanna first implement a few more classes, skills, and magic items, and also a better name for the version of Rogue with Protective Padding to differentiate it from the regular version.
So I’d appreciate some ideas for those.

And here’s a link to the Unofficial Yaffaif Modding Discord, where I occasionally post updates when I have the energy to do so, and where one could ask related questions. Maybe one day I’ll actually get around to finishing some kind of proper content mod like a dungeon or somesuch, maybe one day.


Looks really nice, i can’t wait :slight_smile: .

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Would a Druid kind of class make sense for the mod?

This depends entirely on what you consider to be a ‘Druid’ class. Like what equipment, skills, etc?

Cause the typical thing of Druid animal shapeshifting’d be a whole can of worms, while say nature themed attacks or somesuch’d be much more viable. Making more anthropomorphic animal species and letting them shift into those could possibly be easier to do than animal shifting, and say animal companions’d be on the more difficult end. Et cetera, you get the gist of it.

Is there a download for this or is it still a wip?

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