Yaffaif Patreon live, and Dennis

Following on from the previous post/poll I’ve now set up a Patreon for Yaffaif with a number of tiers. If you’d like to support the project, then please consider having a look. If you don’t want to, or want to but cannot afford to then rest assured there will still be public releases they will just be delayed a month from the Early Access Patreon one.

The event that spurred me to do this, my cataract surgery, is not however now going ahead on the 4th. I got a call from the hospital to say there had been some damage from Storm Dennis and the theatre was temporarily out of action. To be fair the storm was pretty bad in this part of the country, though I don’t know any more about what happened. The buildings are a bit of a mish-mash with some bits looking like they date from Victoria’s reign, and others from the 70’s. It could just be that some rain water got in. So, I’m in limbo waiting for a letter with a new date.