Yaffaif XML format

Work continues on building out Orion’s quest. In the current dev-build version there’s another Kobold guard who patrols around at night, sleeps during the day, and wanders about in his down time. Quite a few bugs have been squashed, and the expression parser upgraded again. Oh yes, underwear is now made of a stretchier cotton and for the time being there’s some emergency backup undergarments in the still hut. I was planning to release a public build once you could encounter the Queen, but I may drop an intermediate one just for the bug fixes and the guard(s).

What I have done though is finally gathered together all my little notes about the structure of the files that define the starting point for the game. Things had gotten so big I was forgetting stuff and having to go back to the source to see how things worked. It may be just a curiosity for those interested, though in theory you could get in there and make changes, or even create a different game (though in practice this could be difficult).

If you want to look under the covers open lib/GameF.jar with 7zip (or similarly competent archiver) and start with game.xml. 7zip allows you to edit files in the archive, and then re-pack it, but if you are going to do this I’d definitely recommend taking a backup copy of the original first!

yaffaif xml format.pdf (183.2 KB)


Hm- I took a peek, but I have neither the tools or training to actually risk poking around in there. How might save editing work, by chance? That’s something I’d feel more confident attempting. (Mostly to mess with my character’s shape, since I’m weird.)

This is cool, even if I cant understand any of the inner mechanisms of the game, it’s still pretty cool!

Save editing would be really hard, not because I’ve taken any steps to stop it being done, it’s just the format. The save file is a Java serialization of the game model which basically encodes all the classes and objects, which is easy if the class files are loaded. There are tools out there to unpick it without them, and pack it back up again, but you’d have to really understand what you were looking at! I think I tried it once to try and recreate a bug. There’s nothing like Minerva (for flash) that makes it easy.

Having to do things like this is what inspired me to create the in-game debug mode! In it you can basically look at the game model and make changes using the GUI, and carry on playing. You can learn how to turn debug mode on here.

Alright, cool! I’ll look into that and see what shenanigans I can get up to. =)

I don’t suppose you’ve made any master list or command that lists valid commands?
(Trying to mess with gain proportions, but can’t figure out how.)

No, I haven’t - it would have thousands of entries!

I think for what you are trying to do you need to mess with the character’s body’s part proportions which controls where extra weight goes.

The first step is to find out what all the proportions are at the moment:

which should result in something like:
+ $0.body.partDeposit = Partition[Torso=5142, Legs=2322, Arms=5, Bust=858, Belly=90, Butt=238, Neck=212]

Most of their weight is going on their torso, and the next most significant target is their legs (this was from the std female shape). It’s worth noting that the belly and butt values represent extra padding in those areas above and beyond the legs or torso, rather than the whole mass of the belly or butt.

Those total 8867, so when this character gains 238/8867, or 2.7% goes to their butt. To make this a bigger proportion you’d need to change the butt value:


+ $0.body.partDeposit = Partition[Torso=5142, Legs=2322, Arms=5, Bust=858, Belly=90, Butt=738, Neck=212]

Now their butt will get 738/9367, or 7.9% of the new weight. You just need to eat!

Or, for a more cheaty way you can gain in grams like this for 10kg:

Alright- thanks so much!

i looked at the debug guide and i still dont know how to get debug to work i know how to laun and everything but how do get debug working

@Catqueen Can you tell me what you did (DM me if you’d prefer)? Please make sure you have file extensions visible and you haven’t created the file as “gameFx2.props.txt”; on Windows 10 this is now in the file explorer’s “View” tab - check the “File name extensions” box.