Y'all can call me Ada !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey yall, I been lurking on the site for a long time and figured it was time to make an acc, and maybe get to meet some people within the community. I’ve kept my kinks and interests, for a very long time, as separated from my life as possible. I’m not ashamed to be into fat bitches, inflation, FMG, heigh growth, gas, BE, and AE, it’s just don’t want people to associate my normal crusty online self for my evil, horny crusty online self. It’s always beena part of me, but I like keepin it tucked away, like a sneaky lil secret hidden under the bed, like the crusty cum sock your hiding in a shoe box or sumn. It’s part of me that only I know about, and a couple close friends of mine tease me about when the convo somehow shifts to fat bitches fighting over food, you know how it is it’s always “Oh, don’t bring up X in front of Y, they might cream all over their keyboard” type shit. My name ain’t even Ada, it’s a name I started using as a placeholder for games that asked, now its just kinda the name I use for my devious, evil alter-ego who goons to fat fetish games.

I’m a pretty decent artist, though I’ve never really used my art for evil (horny), and ironically struggle to draw curves (punished by god). But of course I’m practicing… I’m also a decent 3D model maker, musician, and animator. I am laughably bad a coding though, but I kinda just started with Java.

Good to be here finally, stay strong my brethren, may your fingers be messy, your bellies ample, and tits greasy.


hiiiiiii ada!!! welcome !!! >:3