Y'all ever just played a game to play as a chubby character?

For example, i’m considering getting into WoW just to play as a thicc female pandaren cuz i can’t handle my primal desires. Also Dragon Dogma got a pretty nice character customization too, you can make pretty much anything


Every time I play a kobold, they’re pudgy. Something about playing backwards with their whole dragon tribute stuff.


PSO2 lets you make chubby characters, though with the proper accessories unlocked and placing them right you can make them look much fatter then normal.

Be able to play in least a chubby character is my fundamental. I am often mocked because a lot of people doesn’t consider that like importantly, despite these persons are able to make a character (slim) they want and find beautiful on any games.

For this reason, I made a list of all MMO and some multiplayer games (not all) where we can make a chubby character:
Age of Conan
Black Desert Online
Blade and Soul
Continent of the Ninth Seal
Dragon’s prophet/Savage Hunt
Guild Wars 2
Riders of Icarus
Neverwinter Nights (not the MMO but the old game from 2001)
Phantasy Star Online 2
Revelation Online
Saint Row
Second Life
Star Trek Online
Starwars the old republic
Swordsman Online
The Elder Scroll Online
The Sims (all)

If I can, I also use mods for making characters looking chubbier (client side in general), but my list, not includes it. And I prefer to start with a game where we can natively make a chubby character, like that, that’s more easy to make a mod for extend body scales.
In general developers put a very limited body scale range for avoiding any problem of clipping or visual bugs, but generally the engine can handle very fat characters.

PS: I not consider WoW as a good game for play a chubby. I don’t see the interest to be limited to one race.


I am taking firm note of this list…

Thanks for the info. It’ll help me try new games.

Nice list dude, i’m not really into mmo’s, i ain’t got that much free time to spare, thats why i’m interested into WoW in fucking 2021, also cuz im horny

Theres another chubby race on WoW tho, i don’t really care if being fat is limited to 2 races only, as long as i get to play’em.

Wait, two? I know Pandarens are the chonkiest, but I haven’t played in a long while…

Currently, I’m doing that with fallout 4. I didn’t but the game to make a chubby character but now I’m using fat and vore mods just to feel like it wasn’t a waste of money

Kul’Tiran, they were added in Battle For Azeroth.

They’re pretty much Weight lifter bodytype.

I did some research because I was surprised they have more than one chubby female race and you are right:


I built over the years a kind of anger for WoW because these races not existed at all.
I must thank you for making me discover this and I must apologies for my ignorance. WoW can now take its place to my pantheon of chubby characters MMO. :partying_face:

Anyway my current preferred MMO chubby characters meaning, is currently Blade and Soul there is 4 races, gon can be the chunkier(because taller) it work with body slider.
Gon slims

My strong gon:

Lyn thin:

My chibby Lyn:

Jin skinny:

My chunky Jin:

Yun svelte:

My yun chubby:

And in a bonus for understanding why I love this game, the mod for increasing body slider (for the summary all character are affected in proportion of the minimal and max value they have, it’s interesting because all characters not look the same but chubbier)
My fat strong gon

My glutton Lyn

My fatty jin

My extra thicc Yun:

The mod is only client side but that’s a heaven to see all players characters looking like that! :heart_eyes:


I downloaded a japanese gacha game called necro suicide mission for this 1 character.
sadly I quit before I even got her.


Ooo, she’s a cute tubbo. Though that is the problem with some gacha games: you might never get the character you want.

Edit: Downloaded it to see if I could get her, but I learned that A) She’s event locked and B) She had an Xmas alt released and that event ended a few days ago

She is cute, quite a Christmas treat!

Damn, i never tought they would go full on fat, and not just big hips, kudos to them for doing that.

It’s the main reason why I keep playing Skyrim, Fallout 4, RDO, Sims 4 and Starbound. Granted most of those aren’t mmo’s but that’s because I usually prefer keeping my interests either to myself or in a group with like-minded individuals

It’s too bad games with character customization options that don’t have body sliders never embraced body positivity… :frowning:


Just a reminder (mostly for myself though) that the re-run for her event is going to happen sometime next month, so I’d suggest getting the game now if you haven’t already. Also originally according to the event banner itself she didn’t have the skin tight top, mostly due to censorship, which also affected her 3-star variant (which I got as of recent and am slowly trying to max her out).

It encouraged me to try the Fable series, which is actually pretty fun on its own. Though the weight mechanic is a bit limited and not really that visually pleasing unfortunately

I never really got into the first Fable game, but 2 and 3 I really enjoyed. Standing in the town square, surrounded by cheering npcs as you stuff yourself (for the stat gains of course) is just too good. Back when Lionhead still ran the stats there was a top 10 for players who’d eaten the most and, yes, I was on that!

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