Yamhead's untitled Stealth Game Updated 07/07/2020

Mouse and keyboard, or just keyboard.

just a small update on what I’ve been working on this week.

I’ve updated the code for when NPCs are visible and not so if they go to a different floor the visibility should update correctly.
currently I am making the workers able to go to lunch. they can go to a specific spot and check if there is any food there (and go to a special one if the first is empty), then go to the break room to eat. when I am done they will be able to leave the level to get some if all the places they checked are empty

another small update this week. haven’t had to much energy as of late for some reason

I finished the lunch stuff from last week and I made a minigame to turn off the lights for a bit so the workers can’t see you. will make something similar for the guards as well. hopefully I will have more energy this week so I can make an update you can play next time


more text updates but this time I’m currently putting the level together so hopefully there will be an update ready for testing very soon (like tomorrow or the day after)

after this update I think all I want to ad is a way to fast forward the clock and vending machines that you have to break (need x points to push over) and makes a loud noise when you do

after that I might make the player character model or some level select related stuff not sure yet


the update is here now and here is the new stuff

  • a fuse box type thing that lets you turn off the lights for a while. it makes you invisible to the green guys.

  • bathrooms to cause water flooding that disables the red guys when they step in it. the water despawns after a while after any NPC steps in the water. you can control how it floods a bit by standing in its way

  • the workers now go to eat and if they don’t find any food at the places they check they will leave the level and come back with some food you can steal

some less exciting changes are

  • a different food container minigame which can contain 1-3 foods and some food have been moved around (same total)

  • a bit less workers, new spots for them and updated schedule (also desks)


hey had something strange happen.
so I was on the second floor. around 40ish points and I was hidding on a room guards didn’t go and suddenly one just spawned there in the room with me right behind me. and I lost

was it in this room that the guard spawned?

because when the alarm is raised a new guard spawns there. if you where there what probably happened was that someone on the lower floor managed to see through the floor and raise the alarm

yeah in that lower right corner of the room.

alright I’ll fix it after my breakfast, shouldn’t be to long

it’s now fixed and links are updated

cool. oh and when I mentioned the lower right corner that was where I was the guard spawned closer to the center

I been wondering. Could it be possible to have the player be able to “remove” guards
aka vore them.

not in the base game, I’m aiming for the game being more difficult the better you are doing so being able to remove guards would work against that (also in my mind they are robots and not very delicious).

but something I want to do (much later) is having unlockable cheats like what Goldeneye had and I could make one that lets you do that.

oh cool. though I hope the vore cheat would give more weight gain.

well of course, why else would you eat them?

one thing I thought about.
food tyoes.
green food. the basic food.
yellow food a denser food x2 green food but 10% increases to the gas meter compared to green food.
blue food. a chilled food. x4 green food with little gas meter but you have to eat it slowly or you get brain freeze and can’t eat for a bit.
red food x6 green food but is spicy and thus around x2 or x4 filling for the gas.
purple food a trap food. aka don’t eat it

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sounds interesting I’m going to have to change how the belch-o-meter works so instead of a food giving x in belch-points it gives x seconds of building at y speed (which was how I was going to do it but forgot until just now) otherwise it wouldn’t really matter when you are at max fat since you would just belch like 3 times at the same spot. it might make for some interesting strategy like eat all greens first and leave reds for later but it could also just make things more complicated than it needs to be, we’ll see.

I think how purple would work is just as dead weight

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Alright, so… that was a wild ride.

I hopped into the game and raised the difficulty a bit.
Almost instantly fell off the map into some sort of void.
Later when I restarted, I went to actually play the game.

I’ve started moving around, but as I moved everything flashed and blinked, going from almost complete darkness to normal view. Am I stealing food from a rave party?

A while after, I decided to test AI a bit. My efforts proved to be futile because it was… nonexistant??
Even running into the flashlight of both guards and workers didn’t do anything.

So, I ignored this and went to play the minigame. While it can be fun once you figure it out, the minigame was slightly obnoxious. Also, the other thing I noticed is that I can’t eat with my right hand.
While pressing both buttons with left hand to go “diagonally” worked, it didn’t do so with the right hand (yes, I triple checked the controls).

After that, I accidentally pressed Esc button so I lost.

When I started new game, the “AI” kinda worked??
It detected me (even through walls…), but other than that, it didn’t do much to stop me. Just stood there with “?” until I left.
The only demonstration of AI working properly, was when I used dev tools to increase my weight.
Some guard actually rushed to catch me and I lost.

Overall, the idea of the game seems promising. I’m not trying to be harsh and I’m sure everything will get worked out eventually.
(also, could you please write down controls in the menu in a more organized manner? I’m sure it would benefit everyone, thanks!)

I’ll play this on Linux later and tell you how that goes!

so while you said you thought the guards are robots could we temporarily disable them
aka turn them off for a bit before they reactive. with like a mass control panal in the gaurd spawn room? like have a alarm chance and being in the room the spawn in would be bad.
aka fail the minigame and game over when one spawns on your ass

you might have the same problem I had with the right hand.

Yamhead implemented mouse controls for the right hand too.

You should try it again with mouse and keyboard.