Yamhead's untitled Stealth Game [Abandoned]

Here is a game I’ve been working on. it is in an early state and all visuals (except player character) are “programmer art” (and will probably be for a long time), but I want to get some feedback on it so I can make it as fun and bug free as possible.

Linux let’s see how many are cool enough to use linux
Source files

controls are WASD to move, E Space or Left click to interact, Q to lose points or get of mobility scooter and Escape to lose the game so you can start over
in minigame, WASD to move left hand, Space, Shift, X or C to grab, Mouse or IJKL to move right hand, Left click, M, N, Minus or Slash to grab and Q to exit minigame

or on an Xbox controller move with left stick, interact with A and B to lose points or get of mobility scooter
in minigame left stick to move left hand, LB or LT to grab. right stick to move right hand, RB or RT to grab and B to exit minigame

there are developer keys so don’t push anything else unless you are fine with breaking stuff
you can resize the window if you think the game is to small (but some hud elements and text gets misplaced, no big deal)

the goal is to get as much food (green boxes) as possible without getting caught by the guards (the red guys) and then exit the level. the green guys are workers that only raise the alarm and can’t stop you but when the alarm is raised a new guard is created. as you get the food you grow bigger ,slower and fill the bar in the top left, when it is filled you will make a noise. there is a mobility scooter (purple box) you can get but it also makes noise when you move.

Edit: since I won’t work on this in the foreseeable I will share the source files. do whatever you like with them. if you have any questions about how the code works or whatever then just ask


Looks like a promising start! The only thing that comes to mind for improvement is a clear marker of whether I can fit through a door, but I can get if that sense of panic as you only now realize you’re too big is what you’re going for.

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I agree, it is a very promising start.
The largeness though can be seen by measuring your body compared to the door to which you try to go through, though you need to measure the door again after you remove the food from that room. I got stuck trying to leave a small room with only one exit, I measured the door before and not after I got the food.
Very much looking forward to seeing what is instore for this game.

This is looking pretty sweet for a start! We were actually thinking about using godot for a “finished” version of our game, neat proof of concept.

would it be possible for you to provide (or DM) a list of the dev key inputs?

good to hear that you like what is there so far. something I forgot to mention is that guards and workers wont raise the alarm until you are above 50 points (first size increase)

I was actually going to mark the door sizes but I forgot what doors was what size and got lazy about it. the panic you get from your plan falling apart is what I try to emphasize (the clock and sound you make should also contributes to that), so making it totally clear what doors you fit through counteracts that. what I want to try out is changing the points into a percent of all the food so you can’t look at your points to know your exact size and have the doors be marked.

if you do choose to use it I would be glad to help with any coding or whatever, though I’m not by any means an expert

arrow keys up and down changes if you have the speed boost (don’t try to get off it not using the arrow keys though)
right arrow makes a sound
left arrow skips time one hour
enter spawns a guard that runs to the last seen location (max 4 and there is a cooldown period)
R gives 10 points

so it’s almost been a week since I posted this and I thought to share what I’ve done since.

1: I’ve made the NPCs work correctly with multiple floors, I think it is working correctly at least but can’t be certain until I have updated the level. so hopefully I can make a multi-floor level soon-ish.

2: I’ve changed the size of the characters, after importing a model of a character for size reference I noticed that the proportions were off and now all characters and doors are thinner. I also had to change the way you become bigger from every time you get points to every 30 points because otherwise the collision between the player and doors becomes glitchy (the size step was to small)

3: I’ve made a little eating minigame for when you steal stuff that will be in a little window where the player stands. the idea is that it will be similar to picking a lock in a stealth game when a guard is approaching and you risk botching it because you’re more stressed. hopefully it will be fun and not to finicky.

4: I also added controller support.

I was hoping to get more done but I got distracted playing Spyro…


looks interesting, I look forward to these changes

It’s been a week now and I have an update that you can play. it’s basically a playable version of last week’s post.

it took surprisingly long to implement the elevators (like 3 times longer than the minigame) so you can go up floors with the mobility scooter, but they should work in levels with up to 6 different floors. as for NPCs they won’t leave the floor they are currently on (unless something went wrong or you were chased down/up the stairs) they don’t have a reason to but I want them to in later updates.

I added 4 different camera zooms that I would like some feedback on, keys 1-4 to switch between them.

the minigame controls on keyboard is a bit awkward but I couldn’t figure out a layout that could be played on different regional keyboards and laptops that miss the numpad

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I run into a limitation with my keyboard when trying to play the minigame. My keyboard (apparently) only supports ~5 keys at a time. This effectively prevents me from using both hands in the mini game at the same time.

Mouse support might be a better option.

I also wasn’t sure how to eat at first in the mini game but I’m sure that can be solved later with some proper in game instructions.

The cameras seem to work all right, the default one lets you see the most of course.

The minigame is a neat concept, but the controls are very awkward to use. It seems there’s something with the left hand controls that does not let you hold a direction without it reverting back to neutral position. Even with the right hand working, it’s still a two handed job to work one.

I’ll work on that today, hopefully it’s not to hard to do

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, is it taking a detour to the center when you try to move it somewhere or does it do some sort of chopping back and forth? also are you using a controller or keyboard? also when you say it is a two handed job do you mean raiding one of the “fridges” or controlling one hand?

I was thinking of moving the camera as close as possible so you can see some more details when I start making real graphics but I’m not sure how close to move it

I’m using a keyboard, but now that you mentioned controller support I know what happened. When trying to use JKLI to move the “left” hand it would jump back to the center, but now I know it was also detecting input from my controller to re-center movement.

I mean, when using a keyboard, it feels like using two hands on the keyboard to manage the movement of a single hand to bring food to the center and confirm eating is more efficient than trying to dedicate a hand to each side.

strange I never encountered that problem with my controller. hopefully adding mouse will make it less awkward since I can then use space as a grab button

the links are now updated and mouse support is here

so i found this bug some times when i start i go foreword and go bellow the map and find weird things like the models of the players

I have a test area under the map that you are falling into, where is it that you are when this happens? because I didn’t put any collision around the starting area or the balkony one floor up. so if you are walking off there then it’s normal but if you are clipping through somewhere else I would need to fix that

ok thanks

Definitely a really interesting game, though I’ll admit the controls can be a little clunky at times. Took me a bit to figure out how to eat in the minigame, though eventually I got it.

At what size does a character become immobile, or is that even a feature? I ask because I hit the R key at level start until I was well above 100%, and when I attempted to move after that, I couldn’t. And if the mobility scooter is necessary after a certain size, but you need to get off it to interact with stuff, does that make the game impossible to beat after that point?

at 76% (you only fit through the largest doors) you become immobile but I would say that the scooter is necessary before that because of how slow you move, not sure exactly when that is.

you don’t need to get of the scooter to interact with things but if you want to go up the stairs instead of using the elevators you need to get of it. the main reason I made it so you can get of it is so you would be able to plan around becoming slow and park it in a strategic way (right now there isn’t much reason to though).

you can technically never become to big to not beat the game because you can lose points by pressing Q or B on a controller but you can get “stuck” in a room if you eat in it. also right now you can win with about 50% of the total points, so you don’t have to eat everything.

are you playing with controller, mouse and keyboard or just keyboard? I want to make the controls feel as good as possible, so I would like to know what feel clunky and why so I can try to fix it. but it will probably have some clunky feeling to it since I am sort of asking people to pat there head and rub there belly.