Yelp does not make yogurt

For some reason I thought yelp was a yogurt company. Have any of you thought this?

I don’t even know what yelp is. Pls send help.

I can’t say that I, or anybody I know, thought this.


You might have been thinking of YOP, by Yoplait. Your confusion is understandable.

I’ll one-up you by sharing a bit of ignorance that I carried around until I was a teenager:
While in school, there was often talk about Zebra Mussels ruining the Great Lakes (an invasive shelled creature harming local wildlife).

I couldn’t figure out why zebras were migrating in such large numbers, let alone how they were managing to swim all the way from Africa. It seemed awfully rude of them to come all that way just to die in the lake and leave their muscles behind.

Oddly, it seems like I’m the only one that had any trouble with this. XD

Yakult, maybe? :laughing:

Yelp is a restaurant review/listing service.

you confused it with another company that starts with Y

I think you mean to say pls send yelp

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I never say I thought of yelp as a possible name for a yogurt company, and I didn’t know yop was a thing.

But to share with similar misunderstandings I have 2 stories.

  1. For the longest time (until less than 2 years ago) I thought the title to one of Nickelodeon’s hit shows was “The Fairy OddParents”, however it was actually “The Fairly OddParents”. I mean, the shows about fairies granting wishes, so it only made since. I still can’t believe I misread the title for the longest time…

  2. This one wasn’t me, but I girl from my high school. One morning while I was waiting for my class to open, the girl and two of her friends with nearby, waiting for a different class to open. I’m not sure how their conversation got to the point, but apparently her two friends were trying to explain to her where strawberry milk comes from. The girl believed strawberry milk came from pink cows. Pink Cows. She believed this because of the game FarmVille, and probably having little exposure to how agriculture works. I, and her friends, were dumbfounded when she stated that with confidence. While her friends were trying to explain to her how strawberry milk was made, the stumbles on the fact that she also thought chocolate milk came from brown cows when they were trying to use chocolate milk as an example for strawberry milk. Brown Cows. My classroom opened before finding out if her friends convinced her in the morning, or if they had to take all day to do it. I’d like to think she finally found out the truth.

Point of the stories are, if we don’t know a fact we will draw conclusions based on what we currently know. So don’t feel to bad about it, some people have less information presented to them than you :wink:

Thank you reading my wall of text and have a nice week!

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Yoplait is a yogurt company.

Fun fact: The Iop species from Dofus and Wakfu was named after Yop, because the developers like it so much.

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Don’t feel bad, for the longest time I thought gammon was a type of fish.

Looking back now I can kind of see why the first person I mentioned this to looked at me as if I was insane…

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Honestly, I believed gammon was a name for a fish the brief second you said that, apparently it’s a type of pig meat. Maybe we thought that because it sounds like “gamma” and we have a fish called bettas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: It also rhymes with salmon, so that’s another reason why we might have thought that.

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Oh that cartoon, I used to like it. Until they made terrible movie references