Yet Another Reminder About Asking For Updates

This is my bi-annual reminder for all that asking for updates is against our FAQ, as outlined in an older post of mine:

Due to an increase in posts asking about updates, I would like to remind the community that, as outlined in our FAQ that the following is not allowed and will result in the deletion of your post:

  • Asking for updates.
  • Asking for a game to be updated.
  • Asking when a game will be updated.
  • Asking for a list of upcoming updates unprompted.
  • Asking if “there have been any updates”
  • Declaring a project “dead” or “abandoned.” If you feel a project’s curated status needs to be updated, please DM the administration about this.
  • Reminding a developer that it has been “x” days/months/etc. since the last update. This will result in much harsher administrative action.
  • Generally talking about the lack of updates or update schedule in a disparaging manner.

Note the above is not an exhaustive list but are some examples we’ve seen here of late. I would like to remind everyone, as well, that the reasoning for this is that 99.99% of these projects are by hobbyists who are in no way beholden to an update schedule. Likewise, they aren’t going to keep an update “hidden” from the community, once they have something they feel is worth sharing, they will let you all know. Asking for updates does not improve the discussions here, but litters the boards with what amounts to spam forcing readers to sift through it to find actual, useful discussion about the project.

It should also be noted that we are fairly lax about this rule as it is a minor offense. However, continued posting asking for updates after being reminded by administration will result in official warnings and eventually direct disciplinary actions, such as loss of permissions or, if it continues, temporary/permanent bans.

This is and should not be read as a direct message to any particular user, but a reminder to any old/new users that they should review the FAQ and attempt to follow these guidelines when posting.