Yokai Slam Continued Development

I’ve decided to release the game’s project file! You can create your own derived games from this, just make sure you read the terms of use, detailed on the github page. In short, you can use this to create your own game, and even monetize it if you want, just as long as you’re not using my characters in it, or take credit for any of my work used in it. You can release mods for it, or create new content for it. If you decide to mess around with this, let me know if you need any help with problems with it. If you make anything cool, i’d love to hear about it!

If you like what i do, please consider sending a tip! Anything helps!


The Itch page mentions a tutorial for adding new fighters. I don’t see it?

It’s a blueprint class inside the editor. it should be under game/blueprints/fighters/
Open it with the standard blueprint editor


So I took a look in the game’s guts, and being new to UE, I have a few questions:

  1. How do we add more skins? Or, rather, make those skins usable? Because it seems easy to add them in from the blueprints menu, but the game’s menu only lets you select from the first 3 skins, so how do we make it so you can select a 4th skin and beyond?
  2. Is it possible to add a skin for a character that uses a different base mesh, or even a different rig? Like, let’s say we wanted to put Tsuyoi in a hoodie. That would require changes to her model because you’d need to hide her hair, and it’d also require a different skeleton for the same reason. Is that feasible, or must we contend with only recolors for skins (or at least outfits that don’t require new rigging, like swimwear?)

And I have some technical problems, although I suspect this is just the test play window behaving weirdly, as I haven’t taken the time to export the game to see if it’s still wonky.

  1. In the editor’s play window, some characters (notably Ube and a test character I implemented just to fiddle around) will have this weird pose in the character select menu, their legs veer off to the center of the screen and clip through their bodies.
  2. Also when testing the game, during a fight, pressing C to enter the super-fat mode doesn’t actually change the character models like it does in the actual game.

You should be able to increase the skin limit if you make the selection button able to go higher than 3. I’m not sure if it’s set to a static limit but you should be able to adjust it to take into account the number of skins in each character’s skins array. Each character class has a list of their skins as an array in their class. To change the model you would need to implement a secondary array of models to change the character to in the same function that the material is applied.

The issues with the legs is that the walk animations are calculated using IK. The leg positions are initialized with the player spawns. The character in the menu is a special object that tries its best to replicate a character without literally just spawning it. I’m not sure why i didn’t just make it spawn a character that stands there.

I’m not actually sure why the models aren’t changing when they enter fat mode. It probably occurred while i was cleaning up code.


i’m gonna put up a little patch to the game with some things tweaked i think


Alright i was up all night, i added some significant changes, check the github


This change to the character menu gives users a little bit more space for new characters


Added a little funny bonus mode where you can free look at a character and rotate them and stuff


I put these changes up as a release, if you wanna try these changes without messing with unreal editor.


oh right i forgot to mention. the new character selection screen fixes the problem with skins. Right clicking the player cursor will now cycle through skins until it hits the end of the array, rather than being stuck at 3. I can try to implement model-based skins too if there’s significant demand for it


I’ve decided to do my part to add proper modding support.
I’ve already managed to make it load any added characters automatically, next on the list is making a way to package individual characters in a way that can be added into built copies of the game


i’m forcing myself to learn better modeling so that i can improve what we got already

Here have a look: Kirame V2 - WIP - 3D model by CaptainElderly (@CaptainElderly) [a4a8c7c] - Sketchfab