you date a really big fat guy play the game and find out what happens next!?

link: A big date with a big guy by Dragster02
in this game you go on a dating site and find this guy on it
and the both of you meet up at a restaurant and where the love story begins.

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No description and “play the game and find out what happens”. To call this sketchy would be a generous way to describe it.


that’s the point.

what do you mean thats the point?


I have a bad feeling about this.


That’s what they are trying to do with fielding questions to the best representative of the game. It’s developer. Telling someone to just play the game and find out while honestly coming off as confrontational (since intent is often lost through text on the internet) is probably not a great way to get people to check your game out.

Asking for screenshots and information to be provided is pretty normal and putting all the responsibility on the player doesn’t exactly do you any favors in that regard.

Two common things that happen when a link with basically no information is on a site like this. People assume/are afraid it’s malicious, scam, or bot activity. Or you will have potential players pass the game up due to lack for information and not wanting to do the leg work themselves.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have questions when nothing has been provided and responses to questions are vague at best. And it’s probably in your best interest to work with potential players of your game rather than against them.


I’ve run the game and it seems really weird. I’m not sure if it even fits in here - one obese character won’t make a game oriented about weight. Also the story seems like it’s out of some context. The graphics could’ve been worse. The files seem OK, just a classic renpy game.

After playing the game I’m no longer surprised there is no additional description - the plot is too short for that; game consists of only one choice, so saying anything more would make the game useless, as everything would’ve been told in the desc.