Your ideas!

I know this seems a little bit… well, cliche, but as a creator, i figure we might as well have this here in the anonymous section so you don’t have to sign in for this

Is there any ideas that haven’t managed to get in a game, that still fit in with the weight gaining/gaming theme? Feel free to say so below. And who knows? It might just inspire someone to try and fit it in somewhere~

Something I’ve seen done before (but wouldn’t mind seeing again) are game mechanics where there is a specific weight you’re shooting for, not necessarily just as much / little as you can get. For instance, a more puzzle-like game were you need to be a specific weight to solve different parts. Get heavy enough to force down a counterbalanced elevator to a lower floor, get thinner to fit through a narrow door, be heavier to resist a windy area, be lighter to walk across a stretch of thin ice, etc.

I’d like to see more inflation or general growth aspects in games, but that’s just me…

A common trend with fetish-based games and stories is where the recipient of weight gain or transformation or whatever isn’t actually ready, willing, or into it. And in most cases, it makes sense. From a player or reader perspective, it can be really compelling. But I would like to see more games where not only is the protagonist interested in the changes, but also that they have beneficial effects or are treated as a goal to be achieved, sort of like what Frenotx said above.

For example, a lot of choose your own adventure games tend to label outcomes where your character changes a lot as ‘bad endings.’ And of course the ‘good ending’ is the one where you return to your normal self. But of course the player/reader wants to see the bad endings. Just seems counterproductive to me, but on the other hand, it’s usually easier to get bad endings in those games. I dunno. Thinking out loud.

That’s good too, fat positive!

I second the idea of having positive transformation. It feels immature how a lot of these games treat the transformations only as pranks on the player. Additionally, all but one of the sexual games I played in the past involved rape, and these were games high on the totem pole for erotic games. When I encountered a game where sex was consensual, it felt so much better. Rape-based fetish games are too anti-social and materialistic. People just end up choosing the transformations they want in the end anyway so, I think that the “prank” transformation games are actually limiting themselves a lot.

It should be something like asking for something to happen to you, but having the path to get there being something new and exciting or terrifying or surprisingly calm, even.

Maybe a sort of non-isometric 2D life/dating sim like The Sims, only with weight gain being a key objective for each character, male and female, where the type of marriage doesn’t matter if man and wife, two men, or two women got married to each other, with the latter two couple types adopting a child or having a surrogate child from a female, and each character has a randomized name and randomized default (skinny at first) appearance.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see a 2D Tamagotchi-like game where you have to fatten up the onscreen female with food and snacks, turn out the lights when she nods off, play feeding minigames, unclog her toilet (she will let out the occasional gas bomb if you turn on the slob setting), wash her off if she has crumbs on herself, hug her when she’s concerned about her weight or scold her if she attempts to eat something that burns calories instead of storing them, and check on her stats every so often. Heck, the game itself would have an in-game clock that takes one second for a full minute to pass, a minute for an hour to pass, 24 minutes for a day to pass, and so forth… Plus, the game itself would have settings for gory bursting, slob (with additional toggles for gassiness, sweat, scat, urine, acne, lactation, etc.), the ability to toggle music and SFX on and off,a save/load feature, and a feature that lets you start over again if you’re not satisfied with your current fat girl.

Maybe something like drgnalexia’s guilmon fattening simulator ( but with a human and more gameplay than just spamming the ‘feed’ button. Basically “get your guy fatter” virtual pet kind of thing.