Yttreia's models

(Excuse my name, I go by Yttreia everywhere else.)

Hi, I’m Yttreia, and I make 3D expansion art. I can be found at a lot of places, namely:

The point of this thread is that I make and release my models (pretty slowly, but eh, IRL’s pretty unpredictable.)
Instead of dumping links one-by-one into the Discord server, I figured it would be more convenient to drop the folder here:


All the usual public model rules apply here: take the models, do what you want with them, don’t take credit for making them and don’t make low-effort asset flips with them for money.

Anyway, I specialize in making characters that are very adjustable, they have breast size shape keys, belly size, fat, puffiness, etc. Even if you’re not really a modeler, it can still be fun to play with them, AND their vert counts aren’t horrible, so you’re able to drop them into 3D games without too much trouble, I think.

Yes, they’re all anthro, some more than others.

EDIT: updated the link to the current one.


It’s good to see people sharing their models (something I want to do when I have something finished worth sharing). I saw that the Switch Dog has properties in the head bone called jiggle_something but playing around with them didn’t seem to change anything. is there an addon you need to have installed or are they just not used?

after looking at the model some more I found that the eyes and mouth are textures that are moved to change them around. but to do that you have to open the materials and change them, instead of having properties in the rig itself to do that. like this

I can show you how to do it if you want (unless you already know it and I just didn’t find it)


Yeah, the jiggle thing was probably leftover from an old plugin I installed and deleted a long while back.

Is that face swapping that thing where you make some kind of face panel and stick a bone on it, if not, I’ve never seen that before.
…assuming that’s still even Blender.

what I’ve done is I have connected those numbers I’m changing to the Change Y node, so it’s changing the Y location for the texture

I don’t know how to get the texures to work properly, when I’ve loaded other models before they are usually already visible, but most if not all are grey. They show up on renders so I don’t know what that’s about.
I also get this mysterious message pop up when I load the Dettna one (and probably a few others, it goes by pretty fast).

Edit: I should mention the “Older models” work as fine enough, and I am using the latest version of blender.

have you set the viewport shading to material or rendered? by default it is set to solid

Ah yes, took me a hot minute to find where it was. I can see the textures now but everything seems to have a shimmering green outline or shading. Which I think is supposed to represent fur shaders?

The Switchdog and Dettna models have the green outline. There’s toggles in their shader nodes to turn it off, though.

Totally forgot about this thread. I just updated the link, as the old link isn’t really helpful anymore.

EDIT: to clarify, this new link should never change, though depending on what kind of stuff I make in the future, I might need a second link at some point.

So are these ready to go for something like Unity, or would I have to add in some animations or something like that? I’m planning to use one of these (with credit, obviously) for prototyping the game idea I had.

They’re just the models, rigged and with shape keys. No animations, but I have seen some people throw my models into Unity for VR Chat and such.

Alright, so I’d need to somehow make my own animations and import them, then?

I DID just find an issue when it comes to use in Unity:
The baked textures do NOT export with the model, so in order to be used, the textures would need to also be available in Unity, so they could be applied to materials for the model.

There’s an unpack feature in Blender, I don’t know if that helps or not.

OH I’m dumb, lol. I’ll try that tomorrow, will let you know how it goes if I remember to.

I can’t thank you enough for this!
For a long while I’ve been trying to make something like this but as you might know, there’s not exactly an abundance of models and tutorials of this nature floating around.
Having an actual functional adjustable model to play with is gonna be so useful in learning how to make them.

How did you make the Isabelle/Animal Crossing stuff?

Those ones were made by just modifying the existing models from Pocket Camp, nothing fancy there.

Admittedly I’m long overdue for updating most of the models in the folder, but I’m glad you like them. Anyone can use them for whatever they want, whether it’s learning some tricks, or converting them into lewd VR Chat models or something, I don’t know.

Still, unless my house gets struck by lightning, I definitely want to get the whole set updated in less than a week from now, preferably in the next 48 hours or so, if I can.

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