Yuki<3Hana Character Artist (Position Filled!)

The Proposal:
I am looking for a character artist or a pair of artists, to finally bring my characters, Yuki and Hana to life for a full version of my gain jam game from two years ago. For those that don’t know, Yuki<3Hana is going to be a Dating Sim, Management and Visual Novel hybrid, focused on the careers of two talented independent musicians.

The Story:
The player takes the role of a young business graduate who comes across the girls playing an open mic night and on the spur of the moment, he offers to manage their band. The player discovers the reason the two very talented girls have not been picked up by an idol company is due to their weight.

The Why:
This project is very dear to my heart as it combines my love of all things weight gain alongside music and a (hopefully) uplifting story showing that, within reason, size doesn’t matter when it comes to working hard! I want to explore a handful of things and create a well rounded experience not only for those that enjoy wieght gain but for a more general audience if at all possible.

My Goals:
A key part of the game is that there will be pros and cons to the different weight levels, I’m looking to softly explore feederisum, weight gain and weight loss in a way that is accessable and somewhat realistic (Without going too far). The base weights for both girls will actually float around the middle of their proposed weight stages, around 250lbs. If they get heavier or lighter, it will have an equal effect on the gameplay mechanically and story wise :smiley:

Commission Details:
As you might expect, the game’s visual novel elements require some amazing character art, without it the quality of the game would suffer greatly. I am fortunate to be friends with an amazing background artist who will be providing his incredible artwork to the project, the game has the potential to look absolutely fantastic!

Firstly, here is the document that describes the potential workload: Character Art Commission Yuki<3Hana - Google Docs

I am well aware that whilst it’s not the largest project in the world, for a single artist it is a fairly substantial task. If I’m lucky enough to get two artists to apply, hopefully the workload shouldn’t be too much to handle! I am totally happy to hear price offers for such a bulk of work, please don’t be shy in this regard, tell me what you’d need to do a commission of this size and give me the chance to consider my budget!

Secondly, here is the document that describes Yuki and Hana in the best detail I could manage without turning the thing into war and peace: Yuki<3Hana - Character Reference Doc - Google Docs

As it says in the document, whilst it may seem as though I have an exacting standard or vision for the two girls, I don’t want that to put anyone off, I am super open and flexible to all ideas, edits, changes, artistic license etc. I just wanted to try to give a strong jumping off point for anyone kind enough to consider the job! I included their personality breakdowns too, just in case they get any gears turning, though I know they are a bit light on the details.

Thank you for reading if you got this far, I will be totally open to answering any and all questions you guys may have. I really hope that I can find someone amazing to work with and bring a truly amazing game to Weight Gaming and the world at large! :grin:


I’d love to help you, but i don’t have the enough resources, i’m still learning and i usually work at my own rhythm.

But i wish you the best of lucks

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Hi there! I’m interested in helpin out! My discord handle is troroto#0402 if you’d like to talk there. idk if I can post links yet since I made an account to reply to this but you can find some examples of my work on my dA! troroto - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt


Greetings, firstly I would like to thank you for coming forward, to know that you created an account to reply to my post is exceptional flattery indeed! — I am posting an initial post to you here for transparancies sake, I really want to show not only you but everyone here how serious I am about this! I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Now down to business. I have made sure to look through your artwork on deviantart, to me your stand out pieces are “two girls one water source”, “peachy” and especially “weighted desisions”. Firstly, I like your general skill with basic anatomy, it may seem strange to hear but my favorite aspects of “weighted desisions” are actually the character’s hands, arms, feet and shoulders. Your colour work is also nice with quite a light touch that I like the look of. In my opinion your artwork is of good quality and you have potential, I am however worried that it does not quite match my vision for the game in terms of overall quality. — I am however more than willing to DM you to discuss this further if you are really keen! The last thing I want is for you to become discouraged, you are a good artist! Don’t let this post knock you down, I just have to be truthful and faithful to my vision. — Thank you again for reaching out, it means an awful lot to me! Feel free to DM me yourself here!: Qwibble#1982


Commissions reopen from this point, fingers crossed it goes well :smiley: Please DM me at: Qwibble#1982 or post on here if you are interested!

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The position of character artist has been filled, thank you so much to everyone who applied!