zero experience modeling fat characters

I want to make a game based on weight gain. I am not an artist by any means, im a programmer with some knowledge of 3d modelling, but none of it is about modelling characters.
I know that weight gain animations in 3d can be archived with morph targets (shape keys in blender) but i need 3d models of characters for that.
So i ask you for help. What is a good way to start learning how to make character models? And how do you come about making a fat/bbw model?

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I would start with a basic tutorial that goes through all the basics, sort off like this one:

when you have a grasp of the basics, I would try and find a tutorial where they are actually making a character. preferably one with a simple design, the tutorial provides some good reference images and it uses sculpting tools. I don’t know of any tutorials like that though except the outdated one I used back in the day, but there is probably something on youtube. you might have to use google to find them tho

when I started making fat models I basically just started by making a thin one and then duplicating it and using the sculpt tools to make it fatter

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I would ask yourself what is it you are wanting to create and check that against what you are currently able to do. Are your characters going to be in a game or purely an animation? For example, if you are looking to create a large cast of characters that have a fairly realistic style you may best be served by using DAZ 3d models and purchasing fat character morphs, or going to smutbase and customizing a character from there. From there you can do some limited sculpting and editing of the model and mess around with using shapekeys to get closer to the proportions you want, this way you don’t have to spend a ton of time creating a model from scratch.

Another option is going for a more cartoon style or chibi style like chub chomp chill or Moo moo manor. This is a good option because even if you do create character from scratch you are gonna have an easier time sculpting, topologizing, texturing, rigging, etc. And there’s a good chance you’ll still have a character that still optimized enough to be put in a game if that is your goal.

If you want to go the painful route I did which yields you little results over the course of a couple of years then you focus on creating a custom character from scratch (I commissioned an artist to make me a ref sheet) and loosely follow different character tutorials along the way. You can learn more about the route I took in some of threads I started.

The problem with a 3d wg animations is the getting a seamless animation. This is a challenge because the topology of skinny character requires less polygons than that of large characters who have folds and other creases. Some people have managed to handle it but for a more convincing animations shapekeys alone don’t alone seem to cut it, but with recent blender updates it may be getting easier.

If you want motivating quick results download some base models from the resource I suggest you’d like to play around with, then sculpt some fat on them as shape keys and make a few basic animations. See how far you can take them before things look wonky. Take some sessions to spend some time sculpting or drawing fat bodies to get a better understanding of where fat forms, etc. If you’d like I can point you to specific tutorials too.

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I am curious about those tutorials, I dont have much time nowadays to practice, but i surely can watch or read some tutorials in my freetime. Can you share some info? I have basic understanding of 3d modeling. In my head i know what i want and what approach i should use but the lack of practice throws me back everytime. Anyway, i would be happy with some links :grin: