zero experience modeling fat characters

I want to make a game based on weight gain. I am not an artist by any means, im a programmer with some knowledge of 3d modelling, but none of it is about modelling characters.
I know that weight gain animations in 3d can be archived with morph targets (shape keys in blender) but i need 3d models of characters for that.
So i ask you for help. What is a good way to start learning how to make character models? And how do you come about making a fat/bbw model?

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I would start with a basic tutorial that goes through all the basics, sort off like this one:

when you have a grasp of the basics, I would try and find a tutorial where they are actually making a character. preferably one with a simple design, the tutorial provides some good reference images and it uses sculpting tools. I don’t know of any tutorials like that though except the outdated one I used back in the day, but there is probably something on youtube. you might have to use google to find them tho

when I started making fat models I basically just started by making a thin one and then duplicating it and using the sculpt tools to make it fatter

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