Zwei The Ilvard Insurrection Weight gain control?

I recently started playing Zwei The Ilvard Insurrection and noticed that once you have the scale gadget, when you eat food your characters weight on the scale will gradually increase and so will there actual size until they become very fat.

However, once you travel to another area your weight resets and your body weight returns to the default, which I thought was a shame.

I thought I might be able to manipulate this with Cheat Table so that I could control, and/or freeze the value that increases your characters size. So that I could play as a fat character permanently.

I located the value that changes the weight number on the scale gadget but, surprisingly all this does is change the number on the scale, and does not affect your characters actual size at all.

So, I thought I would bring this up as I feel like someone with more knowledge about Cheat Table/ finding values would be able to find the value that dictates your characters actual body size.

Anyone think they would know how to do this?