Zwei The Ilvard Insurrection

Zwei The Ivard Insurrection is an action RPG by Falcom, focussed on dungeon crawling and a rather goofy story. Weight gain elements aside, Id reccomend this one just in case someone wants to have fun with a silly game. The gameplay is fun and the story is charming.^^

Getting on topic however…the game features two things that are of interest here:
First, the level up system in this game is based on…food. Yeah, enemies drop food, which your characters can eat to gain exp and restore HP at the same time. Now on its own it doesnt do much. When you start the game there’s nothing much to this system aside from being a way for you to control how you level up. But thats where system number 2 comes in:
Widgets: Widgets are basically little thingos you can occasionally find in dungeons that…dont really do anything in terms of gameplay, but give you some fancy dodads on the side of your screen. And one of the lategame ones is…a scale.
Now, the game doesnt tell you this, but if you activate the scale widget and give your characters some food, depending on the level of the food you give them youll see…some changes.

Maxed weight:

Now…the effects arent anything too spectacular, but the fact that the system exists alone is pretty neat in my opinion…especially since I didnt really expect it in this kind of game.
But yeah, thats about it. Figured I may as well mention a game from my favourite game company in this thread, especially since noone else seems to have done so previously.
Have a good day o/


Oh yea, I remember hearing about this game years ago, which sparked my interest in it.

Glad that like, last month both Zwei games were on the Humble Bundle Monthly, so I’m glad to get both games. Shame though the rest of the series didn’t happen due to Falcom going under.

Well Falcom is still alive and kicking (See Ys Monstrum nox and Trails of Cold steel) but this game underperformed which lead to Zwei kinda being abandoned…its pretty sad, but thats how it goes I suppose. :sweat_smile:

iirc the closest to this game is the Tokyo Xanadu games

Ah I remember finding this game and seeing the weight mechanics. I had a ton of fun with this game and actually really loved the story. Also discovered falcom through this game and led to me playing the cold steel series over the past 6 months lol

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The Trails games are actually my favourite game series, which is why Ive been checking out some of falcoms other games (Tokyo Xanadu, Ys, Zwei ). I just started a second playthrough of Cold steel 1 and having a blast with it ^^.
Kinda wish there was a way to make a fat mod for some of those games but I doubt thats possible. Still, happy to see that there’s some people who play their games in this community. :smiley:

Also yeah, I guess Tokyo Xanadu plays similarly to zwei 2, but thats mostly since the protagonists share the same weapon.

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Yeah trails quickly became one of favorite jrpg series of all time, I definitely want to check out ys at some point too but I don’t know where to start lol

I would reccomend Lacrimosa of dana, since I enjoyed it immensly…but the problem is that, unlike Trails, you cant exactly go back and expect the combat system to be relatively the same. I actually quit halfway through my playthrough of Ys 8s predocessor, since I didnt enjoy the gameplay too much after that game ^^’ Ill return eventually, when I have an itch for an action rpg.

Sounds good to me, I’ll have to check that out at some point. Do any of the Ys games have a connected story or is it a final fantasy situation?

Basically Ys is a collection of adventures of the Adventurer Adol Christin. Technically, hes always the same and there is like 1 character besides him that carries over between the games…but thats about it. The world is the same every time, the protagonist is the same every time, its just him on different, entirely unrelated adventures. So…there is technically a timeline, but it doesnt matter in the least since the games are pretty much self contained.

That’s good to know, thank you for the recommendation I’ll absolutely check out some ys games. Also who’s your cold steel waifu :eyes: My guess would be fie considering your profile picture lol Mine is Alisa all the way

Ah…cough cough you may be right^^’ (I mean yeah, pretty much xD).
I really enjoyed her backstory and character in general over the course of the games…plus you cant get much more broken than 100 percent perfect evasion and counters at any distance.
Alisa’s pretty cool too, I dont absolutely love her and her playstyle isnt quite my thing, but I like her dynamic with the rest of the group, and she has some genuinly great moments with Rean throughout the games. :smiley:
Now I just gotta wait for that CS4 PC release…The eternal pain of being a Trails fan x,D

lol I literally played cs4 on my ps4 because I didn’t want to wait :joy: And holy lord I used fie so much on my teams because of that nasty evasion lol I vibed with Alisa’s play style because my ideal party is 2 heavy hitters, one arts and one ranged. Alisa was ranged with high arts damage output and her support arts were off the charts if you invested in it

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Im mostly waiting for CS4 on PC for the carry over bonuses and because, since CS3, I started getting into modding these games in a minor way…I cant do much, but I can give crafts to characters that shouldnt have them, change the calender, party members etc (I played my second playthrough of CS3 with old Class 7 all the way…cant deny I had a blast ^^’.)
That and I also dont have a PS4 so…theres that x,D.

I usually went with Fie, Rean, Jusis and Elliot throughout CS1 and 2, with Laura and…I think Alisa (not sure there though) in the back. Jusis Elliot and Rean have a trifecta of awesome party buffs in those games and…Fie needs no explanation xD. Ive been trying out some different chars on my second playthrough of CS1 and have come to appreciate Alisa’s healing arrow craft for the cp regen it provides…cant deny, thats kinda awesome. I guess my team is somewhat similar to yours, just with Jusis in the support role (but that was mostly since I am a sucker for spellblades…and this dude is just that xD)

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I gained a new appreciation for how good Jusis was in cs4, I loved having him attack on both the physical and arts sides on the spectrum but I never messed with him too much in 1-3 tbh. The characters I used the most in the old class 7 was Rean, Alisa, Fie, Elliot and Laura. Laura was capable of some absurd damage output which was really fun. Having her and rean dish out huge dps with alisa healing and firing arrows in the back and fie dodging everything was my jam

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Yeah, thats a playstyle I can get behind xD. Looking forward to getting to use old Class 7 in CS4 again (without needing to mod the game and having to deal with a severe lack of weapons ^^’). Nothing against new Class 7, theyre great in their own right, but something about having old Class 7 around always makes me happy.
Quick question regarding CS4:
In CS3 all of the old Class 7 members lost either one or more of their crafts (I will forever cry for the loss of Fie’s flash grenade x.x…not really but I missed it a little x,D)
Do the old Class 7 members get those Crafts back in CS4, or do they only keep their CS3 Crafts?

I’m pretty sure they keep their old crafts but they get some nifty upgrades to those crafts eventually. Cs4 Gives you a shit ton of freedom over your party though with a huge list of playable characters. It’s really really good. It’s honestly my second favorite cold steel after 2 tbh

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Ah okay I see :o
Great to hear that you get a lot of freedom with your party, Ill be looking forward to that ^^.
Thanks for the quick answer ^^.
Anyhow, I gotta hit the hay now, its getting pretty late where I live. Was fun to have a chat with another Trails fan, dont get to do that too often, even if its in a place like this where its not really to be expected ^^’. Have a nice rest of your day o/

Thank you, nice talking to you too! Have a good night

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I actually first heard about the game and the scale’s effects in-game on YouTube. It was on a video made by a user named inflbomb.