1: How to play: the basics

Hello this is the first in a series of tutorials about the simulation game Fetishmaster. Don’t know what it is? See this link :

This tutorial will give you a basic rundown of how to play the game, set up later tutorials, and guide new users past some early roadblocks.

Once you download and extract the game you’ll find a folder which contents looks very much like this. I hope anyway because if it doesn’t look like this then something is probably very wrong.

In the image I’ve labeled 3 things of note

  1. These are the files to run when you just want to play the game. for this tutorial this is what I’ll be using.

  2. These files start the game in debug mode. This is primarily how i interact with the game as a modder since it allows me to change some things on the fly. I’ll be covering debug mode pretty extensively in later tutorials about moding. I learned how to interact with and manipulate the game by using debug mode. Feel free to play with it on your own but if you get lost feel free to come back and follow along with the rest of the class

  3. Again this will be covered in more depth when I cover modding. This is where all the script files are for the game. all of the content of the game is in there.

Anyway lets move on

click either of the start options and we’ll proceed

You should see something like the picture above. as you can see there are 4 options: Start Game, Load, License, and quit.

All pretty standard option so lets just jump right in with start game

You should see something like the image above.

  1. These highlighted ares are not important at the moment. We will come back to them soon

  2. When you’re in walking mode(that will make sense shortly. just keep following along for now) this is where all of the story and description happens. That box is where you get information about your surroundings. I hope you like to read. It’s actually important to read here as the game has no quest journal (though maybe i should make one sometime…)

  3. Sometimes the game offers pictures to go with text. In walk mode this is where they will be displayed. You’ll see that shortly.

  4. Down here below the text is where you will find buttons to interact with the world. For now you’ll want to read whats going on and hit continue.

Read through the next few pages. To summarize: You’re dead and you consciousness has been uploaded to a computer. This company is going to build you a new body eventually but until then they have another option. Proxies. Using a magical/technological crystal earring you can “inhabit” another person. you see and feel everything the proxy feels though you have no control. you can simply “tell” them what to do. in this way you can experience the world. Really it’s just a lore mechanic that justifies the player controlling a bunch of different people and making them do things to each other.

Anyways if you keep clicking things you’ll reach this screen:

I’ve labeled areas of interest and what some of them are for. it looks more complex than it is and once you have an idea of how things work you’ll know what to look for.

  1. Is just meta options. This tells you what mode the game is in (walk or management ), gives you the option to save (system. This can only be used in management mode), and has a notes section(that I’ve never used).

  2. Stats. Everybody loves stats. ones to keep an eye out for Mood, and tiredness. If your proxies Mood goes below like 30 and you hit “next day” there is a good chance your proxy will leave. Tiredness because if it gets too high it can negatively affect mood. The other stats are important for various things but mood and tiredness management are critical to keeping proxies around.

  3. How many days have passed, what hour it is and how much money you have in you group account. This money is distinct from the money that proxy may have in their inventory. They’re separate totals so they don’t draw from one another automatically.

4 and 5 are very related. In the image location 5 shows the tasks menu. During each time period shown your proxy will do the given task(in this case rest).

Inventory in the communal inventory. items can be stored there for safekeeping and can be used one at a time.

You will often see the Journal page on the management. It simply summarizes the tasks that each selected proxy has done.

The contract tab will show the selected proxy’s appearance and list the terms of their contact to the company. Currently there is only really 1 type of contract: one that terminates on unhappiness or bad health.

Alerts only show up rarely. when your proxy gives birth or goes to the hospital because their health went to zero

Notes. i don;'t use the notes tab. Presumably you can leave notes there

  1. A list of your proxies. you can select them then use the other button to interact with them

  2. this is how you make things happen. Things like passing time, hiring new proxies, and giving or taking items from proxies. You can also view the selected proxy’s appearance. The most important button here is the “Use Proxy”

Hit that and our tutorial adventures will continue

This is the other mode which the game presents to you. Walk mode. I think it’s called that because your taking your proxies out for a walk. maybe…

Any way during the intro I gave a basic introduction to walk mode. That stuff mostly applies here.

In the top left you see your current proxy’s stats.

Directly below that we have some buttons i haven’t mentioned previously. Appearance, Inventory, and disconnect link.

Appearance: Describes your current proxy. Just an information popup.

Inventory: Shows what your current proxy is holding on them. It’s very self explanatory.

Disconnect link: Now this is one that’s really new. When you click this button you will disconnect from your proxy and return to the management screen. Your current proxy will remain unavailable for some hours as you wait for them to return on their own. There isn’t really any penalty for using this button besides the fact that you can’t use that proxy for awhile. The other way to return to management is to return manually to the player’s house and use the return to management button

To the left of that is the text box where all the stuff happens and below that is the buttons you press to make you proxy DO THINGS, and GO PLACES. Right now you see it says, Turn on proxy, Talk, and Travel to.

Pressing turn on Proxy will activate your proxy in your house and you’ll be free to move around.

Pressing talk will get you current proxies opinion on things. They’ll mostly have nothing to say unless something is bothering them.

Pressing travel to activates a rudimentary fast travel system. It lets you get to a few places on the map with less clicking.

To the right of that is where any pictures will be displayed.

Read over the text shown and notice it gives what sounds like a hook for a quest. it is but we don’t have a quest journal. For what limited quests exist in Fetishmaster you have to pay attention to the text to figure out what you need to do next. The next part I’m going to give a quick walk-through for one of the quests that you need to do to unlock a bunch of features.

For now click on Turn on Proxy

You are now in your character’s and proxy’s house. there are a bunch of sexual and nonsexual things you can do here.

From here press Street.

From here press To Up Lane

Press Hilltown

and then to actually finish the “quest” press Visit David S. Rif to get a small information dump.

Basically the situation is : The new body project gets put on hold because of financial issues so your proxy comes up with the idea “LETS BE SEX WORKERS”

At this point you the player now have what you need to begin experimenting, and exploring.

Future episodes will be on the following topics:

Vicky’s quest
Moding interface

I would like to know how to increase dexterity

Using the tasks in the main menu. either fitness training or athletics training. My mod also ads a dexterity potion as of now for a temporary boost