'2 Days to Fat' - An open ended gaining adventure

Just uploaded a new version to fix this! :slight_smile:

An android version is definitely something we want to look into, or if not at least a web version that’s playable on mobile :smiley:

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hey everyone.
I really like the game with the different endings.
I don’t know how to get endings 5 ​​and 8.
Please help.

All right, I managed to get all the endings, and I also figured out the 850 lb run for myself, just for fun. Oddly enough, while everyone else seemed to struggle with Ending 8, I got stuck on Ending 6 instead. The mention of the fork had me thinking it was related to Crystals R Us, which I can only assume is supposed to have some sort of ending that hasn’t been implemented yet. I also thought Ending 8 would be the buffet ending, and after getting Ending 8 by accident while “preparing,” I stopped trying to investigate the buffet.

Anyway, aside from the bug report earlier, I do have a bit more feedback:

  1. I saw it mentioned that visiting closed locations used to advance the time of day. I’m very glad it doesn’t any more, but I feel like that change should be extended to any location where you poke your head in and leave without doing anything impactful. The stadium is a particularly big offender in this regard, as even though it’s technically never closed, you can’t do anything useful most of the time. It feels really bad to check to see if you can do anything in a location only to lose time for nothing. (And it’s especially annoying when you click on the wrong location by accident and ruin a run… Yes, I did that too, and I was not happy.)
  2. While interacting with the alien, at one point, I tried running away, but even though I was still at minimum weight, I got caught anyway. Was there supposed to be a weight check there? It feels like a natural place for one.
  3. Ending 1 still assumes that you gained at least a little weight (up to the second weight stage). Just for the sake of narrative completeness, it would make sense to have one more ending for the scenario where you don’t even make it to the second weight stage. Granted, it would probably have to be a bad ending, but I do feel that accounting for a “failure” scenario like that helps make the choices that lead to better endings feel more impactful.
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Just made an account to say that I love this game, I just cant figure out the 3rd and 5th endings, any suggestions?

I will echo that I can’t find ending 5 and 8 either.

Endings 1 through 4 are the standard endings that you get for finishing at different weight levels. If you’re having trouble gaining enough weight, the single biggest thing you can do is bring donuts to the stadium on Night 1. If that’s still not enough, you can also pick up the cursed items from Crystals R Us (fork requires a weight of at least 250) or visit either the cafeteria in the evening or the lab at night. As for the rest:

  1. Hint: Try visiting the Sinful Sweets bakery just a little bit after business hours. Answer: Obtain and eat all 3 food items from the bakery–donuts in the morning, sandwiches in the afternoon, and the secret menu pastries (the lightest menu item, oddly enough) at either time. (Obtaining donuts and then giving them away doesn’t count.) Then visit the bakery in the evening and knock to get in.
  2. Hint: Spend a lot of time at the buffet. Answer: Eat at the buffet in the afternoon, evening, and night on the same day, then choose either the first or third option when the owner approaches you.
  3. Hint: Something has to happen at the stadium sooner or later… Answer: Visit the stadium at night and investigate the lights, then don’t give the alien donuts.
  4. Hint: Push your limits and your luck a bit too far. Answer: Eat food items from your inventory to push yourself over your capacity limit. (The buffet doesn’t trigger the overstuffed event, although it can help you get closer to the limit.) Each time you trigger the overstuffed event, you have to pick one of 4 random options, twice, with one option being a “land mine.” If you hit a “land mine,” you “fail” the event. If you fail it once, you empty your stomach. If you fail it twice, well… you get Ending 8. If you’re trying to get this ending on purpose, I recommend stockpiling regular bakery items and cafeteria food for the first 1.5 days and then eating once at the buffet before trying your luck.

This game was awesome loved all of the story and art work. I would love to see one where Chloe is gone for a week and you’ve got extra time to grow adding in new fat levels along with art.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this game - well done everyone involved! It took me a few goes to find my way around the various endings (still haven’t done the last one) - neat puzzles and nicely signposted around the game and in the endings gallery. Kinda wish there was more…

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Very nice game! Got all the endings, loved the content.

A minor critique; due to how the Gilded Spoon Buffet was open later than most places I never actually discovered the “push your limit” mechanic until I looked up how to get ending VIII

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Sounds interesting, will check it

This game is seriously amazing If you guys do add more to it that’d be amazing