70s Slime WG Game

I plan for all female NPC’s you encounter to be part of fetish content. For some, you will actively participate in quests to cause their growth, while for others, they will gain after certain stages of the story indirectly. As in, things are happening as you do other things in other places of the facility, and you notice their changes when you return to see them. I have a document with all the events and progression I have planned for each NPC (NPC’s are added when I already planned something to do with them and their scene, instead of the other way around). All of the characters you mentioned have something planned for them. For the demo I didn’t do all of them because they were a lot of sprites, and I wanted to ship the demo with the optional quests it has fully finished. In fact one of the things I did before shipping the demo was give them unique designs so the demo wasn’t full of placeholders. Before, I had a lot of clones of the same scientist and the same maintenance worker, but soon they should all be unique at least in their faces and hair.
I also plan to affect the maps as they grow bigger. I won’t spoil exact events, but I want some of them to start blocking some parts of the map, so they take more space in the rooms they are in, or you have to go around them.
These progressions won’t be added at the same time, since it’s side content I’ll be adding them along the main story. Right now I’m working on the quests of the other labs that are WIP.


I am trying to extract the .rar file from your itch.io and it keeps hitting me with error 0x 8096002A

late response, but i used 7zip, so use the same program and you shouldn’t have any issues. For the next update (coming very soon) ill add a disclaimer for people to see that.

The game has just been updated! A lot of new things, please read the description, and start a new save if you have one from the previous version! Thanks for all the support!


So before playing the update I have a question about one of the sidequests that were WIP in the previous version, to the right of the one with the woman that ends up stuffing herself with the hazmat suit there was this one that I suppose involves a statue, my question is will that sidequest, or the game overall, involve pregnancy in some way? I mean since that statue looked like one of those ancient fertility statues

regarding that specific event, and the game overall, i don’t plan for any pregnancy to be added to the game, and that specific event is mostly aimed at a venus bodytype, rather than pregnancy. so mostly breast and butt expansion. but she does gain some chub!

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Understandable and also good it’s not just hourglass, though I still think that event could have pretty good preggo content if you end up having a change of opinion/planning

i might be getting a false alarm, but my PC is calling the file a virus

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You can run it trough VirusTotal (which is something you should do with all internet downloads) to verify.

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Enjoyed the new update - animations were all top notch and all the new areas felt consistent with your established aesthetic/design. I like the variety of scenarios on offer & appreciate the side characters being worked in even if they don’t have full quests.

Tried downloading the game, but my computer treats it like a virus and auto-delete’s it, can’t even recover the file.
Say’s it’s got a Trojan horse virus in the download.

which antivirus do you have? at least 4 people have reported this between here and itch, and I don’t understand why. Scanned the file with VirusTotal and got nothing. scanned it with Windows Defender and got nothing. Only difference between the previous version and this one is that there are a 3 new plugins for the quest menu, text, and for speeding up sequences. is there any specific file it detects, or the whole compressed file?

This was a good update, especially the statue event. For further content, there are so many different potential sidequests that I would prefer for you to focus on fleshing them out more, at least for the next update.

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Windows Defender hit it the first time around for me (the usual wacatac false flag) but the second time I tried it let me download it. Just depends on if WD is feeling particularly bitchy when you download it I guess.


You can exclude the file for your antivirus. I’m going to assume it’s good ol windows defender again. But the file has no issue.

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Just played the update and I gotta say it was pretty sweet for its short length! Although I would flesh out the new areas with some side quests before continuing the story, sector B feels a little light as of the moment.

Good update, just have a question, how do I make the treadmill girl reach the last weight stage?

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For the NPC’s that don’t have quests, sort of “map characters”, they advance as the story progresses. The way it’s done is that every time you advance in the story, there is a switch that advances them. These switches are:

  • Starting the experiment (makes it so all the dialogue changes, so you have the portrait with the hazmat suit)
  • Releasing the slime girl (makes slime leak from vents and pipes, and starts the fetish dialogue for all map characters, but doesnt start any weight gain yet for most of them. The treadmill girl however gets a small belly here. Sidequests can start from here.)
  • The weight gain starts for most map characters when you return from releasing the slime, and talk with Dr Marie. from there, there is another switch when you beat Sector B. This is the last one currently in the game, and when you beat the next area, there will be another one.

And so, to finally answer your question, currently it’s not in the playable in game. I drew the sprite and have the event already coded, but it wont trigger until you beat the next sector, that I haven’t done yet.


Game just updated! Added more side content, like side quests, events, and extra weight stages for NPCs. The new sidequests and events in Lab B-2, and in rooms 101 and 103 of the dormitories. You can read a more detailed changelog in the itch io devlog post.
The next update will be focused on the new sector and continuation of the story. But it will come at a later date.
Let me know of any bugs you encounter, and any suggestions or ideas!


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