A fat furry game from a Japanese artist

So, I was just checking some saved Pixiv links, and one of the artists I keep an eye on since they do some good fat furries(personally, they do a bit too much of the guys, not enough of the ladies, but that’s just my bias), and apparently a game they were posting about for a while finally got some sort of release.
Problem is I cannot read Japanese, If anyone knows how to translate this so we can play it without being blind, I would be most grateful.

The Pixiv link

For simplicity’s sake, here’s a zip file of the downloads in the link provided on that page

Hopefully this is the right place to put this, if not, I’d like to apologize.


I already played all-ends,I can translate every way to end.

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First,you need choose your race, every race have their own description.
you can chose: 人(human) 犬(dog-link) 貓(cat-link) 兔(rabbit-link) 鼠(mouse-link) 龍(dragon).
common END- 夏休みの終わり(End of summer vacation)
If you just do nothing in whole summer vacation(in 31 days), The end of the game will be affected by your level of fatness.
FAT LV.0~1 : you don’t have any friend,you just sleep over last day.
FAT LV.2~3 : when you eating snack , glad you don’t have friend, you can get weight as much as you can, you don’t know how your classmates will see you being so FAT.


The download link leads to a forbidden URL 403 something either way link ain’t working.

Has no idea how to download this

I agree on the much-needed translation, I always get triggered when I spy a possibly great fat fur game only to find out it is in a language that I can’t be bothered to learn just for the sake of playing it

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To those having trouble with the download, I have no idea why you are having trouble with it.
It could range from your ISP, firewall, or any of that stuff, all I know is that when I click it I have no problem, but I’ll try uploading it again.

If this doesn’t work, I don’t know how to help, since I can’t upload it through the upload button provided in the reply section

it still keeps saying 403 forbidden so i have no idea what’s up seems i can’t access the site either

Well, let’s see if this works

Config.zip (141.7 KB)
Data.zip (7.8 MB)
Game.zip (3.1 MB)
GuruguruSMF4.zip (64.7 KB)

If not, I can’t help you YYK

got the link working for me

I am trying to translate it

i trying to understand it :v

looks promising, but not knowing japanese makes it hard to enjoy. if anyone can translate it’d be awesome, but I don’t know where to start on that unfortunately.

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I’m not tech savvy enough, but it occurred to me that you could decompile the game code and run it through a translator like the one built into google chrome which is what I used when navigating the pixiv artist’s download link. Best to cut out everything but the kanji (?) first. Or if you know what program was used to make it, maybe open it with that?

it is made in “WOLF RPG Maker”, you can download “WOLF RPG Editor” to Observe the inside of every “WOLF RPG Game”.

The game keeps crashing no matter what I do, both normally and setting locale on japanese.
Anyone knows what can I do? Seems to be a font missing.

This is by changing locale, if run normally I get the same screen but no text or pink background, only the big green line and the character sprite ontop.

you need to set your not Unicode Language be “Japanese” or “Chinese” to use JP.ver or Chinese.ver, if you can’t do, find ENG.ver .

Oh hey, I follow this artist on Pixiv! Sadly, I am not proficient (unsure if it’s the right word) in japanese, so I will hope with all my fat-fur loving heart that this gets translated. If not…Well, at least it’s here.

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So, uh… my issue got fixed on its own with doing absolutely nothing, weird.

Despite my rudimentary knowledge of Japanese, I’ve managed to experience most of the endings in the game. The game is mainly busy work but the pictures and scenarios (what I was able to understand) was fun. Luckily there is a guide in the game behind the shop that details all routes you can take. I think it will only appear if you enter the back of the shop on the final day as a dragon. ScreenShot_2019_1010_10_57_44