A fat kink tierlist

Found this on the interwebs. A tierlist for your fat kink needs. I thought maybe it’d be fun to use it to just share our preferences.

Feel free to share your results from this, which you can find here.


This hound dis agrees on the blueberry, furry, and vore placements
I’m ambivalent to the first two and put vore in kill category
But that’s just me


Sure, why not? Let’s share
things in “depends” can either be a hell ye or hell nah (it mostly depends on the art style)

Here’s my results, I wonder how this compares to other people?

most people doing tier-lists I’ve seen don’t do this, but I tried to order them best to worst in the tiers
(left is good)

since I prefer males I used “Fat Male” as Fat Female instead. I also excluded “Tight and Plump” because I don’t really know what it means.

Here is mine i guess.

Left is my best !

PS: Why my texts are blurry and not your?

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Since we are sharing tier lists, here would be my preferences.

I have a type.

@Chrizzm As do I, and it appears to be “Too Fat to Move,” lol.

I have no clue how to change the text from S to D, but the letters work well enough, I feel.

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you just click the letter and type what you want

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I’m a relatively Plain Jane as you can see

I’m a man of weird tastes.

Here’s my version. Pear shape is my favorite, and I love everything that highlights weight gain, including “shrinking” clothes and spaces. Not the biggest fan of boobs, but that’s more because of my own mentality about any skinny girl being able to have big boobs whereas belly and ass are (generally) more reserved for actual fat fat, you know? Plus I love it when the one gaining really loves the gain or is enjoying it, probably because I deep down just love people being happy. Also, “Ehhh” is me just saying it’s not a complete dealbreaker, but it really isn’t my thing. And fat male is more than just my heterosexuality, as I just prefer the look of more “toned” or “fit” men rather than fat ones (despite trying to gain myself several times in the past as well as sort of liking certain “dad bods” I’ve seen before). My “Alright” tier is stuff that I can like depending on the situation or the art/model, but stuff I can also just as easily dislike for the same reason(s). Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory.

this is mine, and yes. there is a jojo reference

What the heck is Brans or Braps?

Overfed tums popping out of clothing/struggling to fit in tight spaces is def my main thing, love teasing, pushing a feedee to eat more or intentional weight gain as well. Burps and hiccups are great, pride in their gluttony or heaviness are an instant turn on too.