a few questions about what peoples preferences are for weight gain in games

  1. how fast do you like the player character or other characters to gain and/or lose weight?
  • Slowly (over multiple real time hours)
  • Rapid
  • Fast (over a few real time minutes)
  • Somewhere in the middle

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  1. do you like fullness systems that prevent the player character from eating more?
  • Yes
  • No

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  1. is there a mechanic that you think should be in more weight gain focused games?

all these have probably been answered before in previous polls or topics but i can’t be bothered to search for everything

  1. it depends on how much there is to do in the game. if I feel like I have done everything in the game (this can happen early if I feel like I am just doing the same thing again and again) then I should be at max-ish size and if I feel like I have stuff left to do I shouldn’t (if it is more or less a linear progression thing). though I would prefer if it takes more time than most games I have played

  2. I don’t have a strong feeling on this because I have only played 2 games with a fullness system, eat the dungeon and the first super fatty rpg. they felt pretty natural in those games.

  3. I like it when weight gain leads to the players “power level” to go down and would like to see more of that. though weight gain has to be forced in some way because otherwise the optimal mode of play goes against what the player wants

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Normally these types of questions get better responses from polls themselves then people actually typing out the answers. There are normally a lot more votes in a poll then the people that publicly post somewhere. So, I would suggest that you to make a poll here in this topic with your questions. It is really easy to do just click on the little cog/gear on the far right of the reply/text box, and you can click the build poll option.


And I can’t be bothered to answer again. Try searching.


I have, and could not find what I was looking for.

Yeah, like, WGF Survey 2.0. Dude, i created that survey for everyone to see resilts and partake.


the results aren’t public

I let @anon82925365 know earlier and they were kind enough to pay the money to have the results be able to be made public again. So it should work and you can view the results Here.

And his is a link to the 2.0 topic. WGF Survey 2.0


I like systems that take a while to get a character to the point where you can fill them quickly, The Vale City games do this well and it gives a good sense of progression, like how in combat games your able to level up and go back and one shot the enemies that used to give you issues.

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I voted for somewhere in the middle, but really I enjoy basically all of them. I even like it a lot when the character just is fat and their weight doesnt change at all.

As for fullness mechanics, I think they can be fun! I think they’re best implemented when their rules can be bent or broken though, like having to eat past your ususal “limit” to increase your capacity.

as for mechanics in these games generally? Customization. There are too many games Id love if the persepective character were not literally, or very obviously written to be a guy. Sometimes having alternate pronouns is enough to make that work for me in VNs and text adventures. but in games that are neccisarily more graphical, aka, most of them, I think its really under appreciated and under done, too. It also doesnt always have to be in depth customization, but I think its well worth the effort for just how much of a difference it can make in a game. Chubberdy’s stardew valley clone (whos name escapes me currently) is a great example of a game that does not have great depth of customization, but that still works very well.