WGF Survey 2.0

I won’t badger you guys with surveys, but after some constructive feedback from the first trial run with the other survey I have revamped this one to reflect those changes.

Basically, this is a survey to help developers see who the audience is and what is trending.

I hope you all will do this one last time. I took a lot into consideration and this time I won’t forget to post the final results after 2 weeks hahahaah!

FYI there is a page 2

RESULTS: https://freeonlinesurveys.com/r/ydkm8Ri2


I’ll hold ya to posting the results, since I aided by answering, heh

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RESULTS: https://freeonlinesurveys.com/r/ydkm8Ri2

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Seems cool, but for the “What gender are you?” question, I’m unable to answer, as I’m neither male or female, so it seems as if I can’t complete the quiz. Sad.

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I feel like only opting for “Other” outside of Hetero, Homo or Bisexuality is maybe oversimplifying. IDK how useful that information is to potential devs who want this info but that’s a lot of different stuff to just lump into the anything else category. But that might just be nitpicking. Otherwise, looks good chief!

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That gives me little hope for seeing more male content. Though that idea of an FPS is interesting.

I filled the poll, it’s globally better than the last time, more choice.

Just about games I listed more game genre.

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I like the option to say I’m not comfortable with heterosexuality in games.
yeah I agree get that outta here


Also, there are not some subjects missing? After all we talk about video games. The last time there were not options about 3D/2D or isometric games?

I find it interesting that out of the 270 participants there are zero from Africa. Hmm. I figured at least one person would be from there. Well, there are thousands of people on this site so still have a long way to go before anything can be deemed conclusive. I am also very surprised at the languages that are spoken! Obviously English is in first but it’s cool to see what other languages could be incorporated into one’s game for those who natively speak other languages!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out and am glad you guys are actually supporting it. I just hope others get use out of this data. I’ve been told by 1 person that it has helped him shape out his game, which was very nice to hear. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know, though. Just because a topic isn’t popular now doesn’t mean it can’t gain popularity! Sometimes the underdog coming forward in the light is what is needed to boost its receptiveness and popularity. Look at Doom, for instance. It was popular for a time, died out, then in 2016 it was revamped and BOOM! It is very popular again!

@Hyperion Thank you for your kind words!

@OnceAndFutureAlaskan Thanks! Means a lot! Also, I was trying to over-simplify it for the sake of concrete stats for the developers. Plus I worked with the pointers given to me from a few devs plus the general public to create this finalized survey. Overall, I’m satisfied with it and I will definitely benefit from the results as I am creating a game, too. :slight_smile:

This is very helpful.

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I added a link to the results in the description. Hopefully it works; the site has been telling me that the results are “not public”.

They are. I saw everyone results.

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The result is very interesting!

There is something it surprises me, the mutilation isn’t a “not topic” for most people here. But we are agreeing it’s the action to mutilate or someone already mutilated?
Because if it’s the action, like in Saw where the person cut his leg, there is absolutely nothing that reach this level of degusting, for me.