A Hero's Retirement 1.1: A New Look

This game is quite a nice gem, loved it, played through it entirely. If you choose to add updates, ofc I’ll play through it again, keep up the good work on future projects and whatnot!

After all, the world needs more people like you!

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Just finally played this today, can I just say that Ophelia has stolen my heart!




I remember completing this game way back. Did this get an update with content after that? If so, that’s hype. This game was good enough that I’m even willing to play it all over again to see a bit more.

No content update, just one or two bugfixes back in May; a lot of people had trouble with the boat and such.


I see what you did here.
A fun little game, just the right thing, I think.
Transparent 4th wall really did its best.
The card game and that newspaper, the mine pathway, and most importantly ざわ・・ざわ・・
An impressive array of references here and there. Thank you for this.

My face whenever someone gets the reference.