A mini game in gamejam style

Hello friends! I am a visitor of this site and I love the content on here. I decided to create an account an give back to the community. I just wanted to talk to some other developers on here.
I want to make a small game in game jam fashion, I know a little bit of unity but I love the rpgmaker games, so can someone help me with the first steps? Like giving some advice? Is it worth to wait for RPGMaker Unite?

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Welcome to the site. My foremost advice for starting out is to, well, start. Nothing kills more projects than getting so lost in hypothetical ideas and features that you lose sight of actually making it. Pick an engine and go. If you’re completely lost with whatever engine you choose, follow through online tutorials until you get a good grasp of its workflow and mechanics.

If by “in game jam fashion” you mean under a tight deadline, that’s also a good idea. It gives a hard limit to your scope, helping to prevent the issue of feature creep. If you go through with this idea, remember that your deadline is self-imposed, and there’s no shame in extending it by a couple days to get what you have wrapped up and published. I did exactly this for my own game The Gloucester Estate Spooktacular, and it turned out my best product yet.


Well I tried to start with unity but no luck so far and I dont know how to get assets. I wanted to generate 2d sprites using ai but the results are horrible.

I tried making my first sprite in aseprite and it looks like s****t, I think even doing sprites for everything will take a long time, when I am done tho I can reuse them.

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it is not to bad i have seen worse