A Piece of Cake / C'est de la tarte (le français) English Translation [RenPy]

Please take my previous post with a grain of salt as I’m still experimenting with the followers build of the game.

Key things i did find out though loading up old saves is the pollution glitch is gone. Pollution does drop slowly over time now if you’ve invested the town into it.

It is also possible to have articles cost only one research if smart enough.

Jogging/Gym visits are very important as always and really the only thing i do in game at year 26.

While i have fully upgraded the ice cream shop id rather do it on a fresh file to see town results that way

Fans still seem the easiest to get money with.

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I’m still a little confused about the ice cream shop mechanic. What translates visitors into sales? I’ve got staff, four flavors, and sometimes several hundred people showing up per day, but have never made any money. Is it a function of fans/followers? Is there some hidden context menu that lets me charge money for product?

I think it’s an obscure combination of multiple factors, but one that I noticed that seems to make the most difference is how much staff you have and how much you pay them, the more you pay them the better returns you get but I have no idea what the math is supposed to be.

The problem is I have over 10m fans and I still can’t win the election. Do I need more followers or smarts? Because I know 10m fans is enough… I have researched for like 2 - 3 years now so I believe I got the intelligence and smarts for it as well

edit: I have over 40k followers and 10m fans

Fans don’t help you win the election anymore, only followers do. With 40k followers you can still lose, but it should be unlikely.

Oh, alright. Thanks for the help

Found what helps is going to lectures a lot at the university and other stuff at the university as well I had few hundred followers I think maybe it was luck but my friend on the game died even when well fed 90% time happens for me

I think an important factor people seem to forget or not mention is that you need to drink water every day, multiple times just to be safe. (This also applies to real life, always keep some water handy).

Oh? I never had any times of drinking water unless sick on the game which hardly happens to me

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No you don’t, hydration is not a part of the game


I think it’s less for hydration and more that’s it helps keep your character healthy in a fairly straightforward manner, though a lot of this game’s mechanics are obscure to the point where some of it feels like superstition. All I know is that once I gave my character some water everyday, they stopped getting sick.

Water does nothing for health either, your character gets sicked mostly to RNG chance or due to you overeating. Drinking water could serve the latter cause you are simply overeating less


The game seriously needs some kind of way to find out WHY your character goes into a death spiral.
A doctor to visit, some commentary when viewing yourself in the mirror, a telehelp line to call/email, heck, I don’t know, anything.
Every time I try to play this game, both trying to partake in the fetish the game is supposed to offer, or trying to play normally, avoiding anything unhealthy, my character just starts to wither away at some point for no visible reason, or just get sick every other day for no reason.
My last run was a cheated run where I had unlimited money, and for some reason my character started gaining a crazy amount of weight from eating salads and getting lots of exercise, like WTF.

Just about the only thing I’ve narrowed down is that sometimes when you ride a bike as your standard transportation, you’ll start burning an unholy amount of calories forever. I figure there’s some kind of bug in there or something because my character will suddenly lose a crazy amount of weight despite downing probably literally hundreds of pounds of food a day, and I’ll spend a couple in-game years trying to avoid all exercise, switch to public transportation, eat tons of garbage, and she’ll still be at the minimum weight, dying at like 21 years old due to malnutrition.


Have you thought about giving your feedback and/or bug report in a place that the dev will see it and might be able to help you. Like the itch page for the game. While it’s fine to openly talk about the game here. If you are having an issue related to bugs or game design, it’s probably best to put that in a place that the dev will actually see your feedback. As this is just a thread for the English translation of the game.


Already did, mainly just venting now.

i have this exact problem. I’ve already posted on the itch.io page about it :confused: the death spiral is just unavoidable. Feels less like a fetish game and more like a real life sim

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Already answered in this thread (again).

If you just get the PC “normally” fat/obese/bbw, and don’t go crazy with the pills or trying to boost her stomach capacity to a stupid degree then there’s no quick death spiral. I’ve played this through many, many times from the worst starting condition until the adopted daughter goes to college (so about 20 years in game) without cheats. It’s all about pacing yourself.

Some of the computations could be improved so there’s no exponential growth and thus no spiral. The big problem I see is that once the spiral has started, it’s near unstopable, even if you did know exactly why it’s happening - so having a feature that tells you why isn’t going to help - you’re already fubar’d.


Nah, off the top of my head, two runs I did really stick out; I had characters I made to be as healthy as possible, and didn’t even do any lab jobs or take any pills or anything and the first character went into a death spiral caused by a freaky, sudden amount of weight loss, like her metabolism went up 100x, she absolutely refused to gain a pound, no matter what I fed her.
The second character was a cheated character with unlimited everything, and for whatever reason, her metabolism just shut off out of nowhere, I couldn’t get her to lose a single pound, even after switching entirely to drinking just water, eating nothing, going to the gym constantly or jogging around the neighborhood, etc., and she still gained close to a hundred pounds per day.
There’s some kind of glitch somewhere in the metabolism system, and I’m sure it hits that childhood friend girl too because I had one character where I was feeding her, she was plenty fat, and she died of malnutrition after I missed a day.

It’s great your playstyle doesn’t seem to trip on the death spirals too much, but that’s not super relevant here.
I agree with the dev removing all the exponential health problem stuff though, even those people IRL trying to kill themselves through food on purpose (that Nikocado guy and a cousin of mine comes to mind) still manages to stay alive longer than a few months despite being 4x the recommended weight and eating total garbage while getting zero exercise.


I’m going to step in for a moment.

The original post says that this thread is mostly about the translation project of this game. Now, I definitely think it’s reasonable to discuss the actual game here a bit too, and just talking about the translation itself without talking about the content would be weird and boring in most cases. But you bring up what sounds to me to be some deep criticism of the game.

As pointed out a few times, discussion or criticism about the mechanics, is probably best directed at the actual developer, not here. At this point in the thread it’s getting to be off topic. Dingotush is not the developer, so further criticism here is really only going to serve to derail and demotivate.

I’m not taking any actions here, but please take care not to get further off topic in the thread, thanks


Ngl i feel like the friend of the character dies too easily like I did every other day of exorcise and eating nothing past the littlest paying amount for food nd stuff

Side note idk if it makes you not able to meet the friend if you don’t say hi after two times… it just randomly I think shows up or not