A possible idea about a slightly old game...

I feel like this isn’t too much of an original idea but who here knows Cake Mania, a game series where you bake cakes for really impatient customers who you pretty much force feed cupcakes just to keep them at the counter. My idea is that to maybe use that concept or even the having it as the main base and have it where you progress through either a town or city selling your delicious cakes. As you progress further into different areas you will notice your customers getting… say a bit more “healthy” as you serve them cakes, until the final level of the area where your customers are quite fat and a bit more demanding than before.
Like the game you can use the money to upgrade your kitchen area and equipment to handle the customers better and to work for maybe a cake shop empire or some nice goal as they usually have in the Cake Mania series (either saving a shop or something else dear to the main character).

The only problem is that I feel this isn’t too original and it may be very difficult to create since the later areas are pretty difficult.


you don’t have to be original (especially in a very niche place like this), it’s more on the execution of the concept. also I only know of one game (Fats Food) where you run a restaurant so there’s that.

balancing difficulty I can see being hard if you can only raise the difficulty by having the player do stuff faster and longer. maybe having different cakes having different ways of being made is an option and have interesting combinations of cakes, demand speed and duration or something

Well the game goes as you have to bake cakes (first you bake a certain shape then cover it in some frosting, in some cases you need a second cake placed on top of it before serving it) for customers who have something like an attention meter. If the meter is empty they leave, taking away money you need to go to the next level (the cupids from the first game were horrible, I’m surprised they still had an appetite for cake after the cupcakes I had to force down their throats). The upgrades do help in making it go faster to handle the difficultly, but when you are dealing with 4 short attention span customers who are on the verge of leaving it gets messy (to make things worse I don’t think there is an easy way to get rid of cakes that go unused so there is that problem).

wait…are you talkig about a cake buiding game like the one in a game I havent played and a long time, Purple town or something like that, the offline game you can play with the little purple things, one of the games was a cake game ALOT like the cake building idea you had

Never heard of Purple town, plus Cake Mania is the only cake building game I played (not counting the minigame from Mario Party) so I don’t know anything about this.

Ah, MAN, Is Cake Mania nostalgic!~ :relaxed: