A Role Play Server!



I’m down to help with stuff, and I’ve already got a small Discord server set up for a smaller group – got a few spots left before it’s outside my comfort zone, but of course there can be more than one fatty tabletop discord going at a time. The big thing is to have a good-sized group for a serious roleplaying adventure, I see 5-6 as the gold.standard for players just because there’s not as much turn-bloat. Once had an irl game with ten people and a full turn took like thirty minutes, just about.


Well, ideas for the setting are a good start~

I have some of my own that I’ll try to write up once school calms down, but there’s no reason not to start brainstorming now!


Yep! Big parties are very slow, which is why I think getting a few different GMs each running separate, smaller parties would be important.


Absolutely. We have a few volunteers in my group, which is great!


From what I understand (and please correct me if I’m wrong) is to sorta have different ‘hubs’ going on, represented by different rooms. If that’s the case, I’d say we should indeed try to limit various parties to 4/5/6 people, but there can easily be more than that in the overal server.
The way I see it, people just RP with each other and with whomever might be in the same hub as them. So you go to the baker, see who’s in that chat room and boom. Nothing turn based, and you can leave when you’re done.
There might be several adventure groups going on quests or whatever, and people might even switch between groups. Hell, maybe there’s one overarching adventurer’s guild or something. Idunno. Different DM’s can handle different dungeon experiences- Or maybe someone who’s usually a player can ask if he/she can DM a certain dungeon they were thinking of, for a group that their character won’t be coming along with.


If you want to make the rules D&D 5e, then I’d like to get in on it as a GM. I have lots of experience in the system and know the rules really well.


I’d like to jump in on this for play. Just interested to know where/when I could join up.


That’s exactly what I was thinking! And the idea of an adventurer’s guild is really cool; something to tie the adventurers together and maybe even progress through. And there are interesting things you can do in discord with roles that help make it feel like someone owns each location. For example, there could be a “baker” role that has full permission over their bakery channel, and they can rename it, moderate it, “lock up” for the night by restricting other users’ access when they aren’t around, and stuff like that~

@Natsu-Kashi and @Mohiten
Hngh, you guys are really making me want to do this sooner rather than later. Alright! No promises, but I’ll try to have something set up by next weekend, once all my exams are done. Gotta be a model student and get good grades~


How would people want the “balance” between weight-gain and regular fantasy-RPG stuff to be, btw?
Personally, I’d like it to lean just -slightly- more to the fantasy RPG stuff. As in, not everyone in the village/city/whatever would be immensely fat, and it WOULD even be possible (if difficult depending on the situation) to have your character stay thin.
At least I think that way, it all feels more natural and realistic, which adds to the experience for me personally. Of course if others have differing opinions I’d love to hear it. Hence why I bring it up now.


If I were to DM a game in the ExpanD&D ruleset I would first create a “normal” fantasy setting, but then have some sort of event that pulls all of the fattening spells and creatures into the world. Then based on the players actions and decisions the world’s inhabitants will change accordingly.


I like @Tightfit’s idea of starting normal, and then getting in to the WG/expandy goodness from there.

An idea I had to build on that: as players level up, the potency of the expansive magics starts to pick up (I.e. A level 10 character gains and looses more girth to magic than a level 1 character).


Out of curiousity, what would the plan be for players more interested in RPing in town as opposed to adventuring? And would this be a custom setting, or one of the official ones, and in the case of the latter, which would it be?


That idea of integrating the wg elements sounds just about perfect, yeah.


My suggestion to this question is that RP’s in the town won’t be governed by many rules unless they want a GM to get involved.


I agree with @Natsu-Kashi; in fact, I bet there would be plenty of players who never go on the rule-based adventures, content to hang around and RP in town. Who knows? I might be one of them, since I’m part of so many other D&D games already! I don’t want anyone to feel left out if they don’t want to participate in the adventures, and I also don’t want people to feel left out if they want some gritty excitement with their RP. And the kind of people who don’t go on adventures a lot might be the perfect kind of person to run their own flavor buildings like the bakery I mentioned.

Speaking of which! I had another idea of a building in town! Imagine if someone had a channel for a “Pet Shop” and they drew art of their creatures. Then people could buy them with the world’s money, and they could maybe even get access to a set of emojis on the Discord server! I think that would be a cute way to give people a reason to buy into the economy. Pardon the pun~


That sounds awesome. Incentives like that could do a good job to help tie the world together, I think. The ones that go out adventuring “generate” money, so to speak, by earning it on their adventures. They funnel it into the town by buying stuff, which in turn allows those shopkeepers to buy stuff of their own.

I do think there need to be more ways for the people that don’t go out on adventures to stay afloat, so to speak. IF they want to, of course. Events, for example. Or NPC’s from outside the village buying stuff. But overall, I do agree that casual RP shouldn’t be bogged down by rules.



That sounds awesome. And the bakery certainly holds a particular appeal, though I’d avoid working in the pet shop. I can’t draw for toffee, lol.

How would we decide who would have what role fairly? To take the bakery example, who would be head baker, assistants, etc.? And with regards to “locking up,” how would that work? I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’d mostly be on in the late evening. It’d be a bit of a bother if half the shops are closed for the night before you even get online.

Also, should we have a map of the village, with the different chats being different buildings in the map? Tavern, Castle, Adventurers Guild, Bakery, Temple, Town Square, Apothecary, Alchemist, etc.

It also occurs to me I’ve never made a formal application, so I believe I’ll add that to this post as well. If you’ll have me, I’d like to be involved. And best of luck on your exams, eh?


I would assume that “employing” people from different timezones could help with that.

The type of building also matters. With an inn, I coud imagine the bar being closed when the innkeeper is gone, but maybe people could still sit at the tables.
As for the bakery… Well, without the baker there is nothing to do there, so best close up. But if you have an apprentice or partner that’s online, maybe they could keep it open for longer?


Ooh, I really love that idea of having adventurers go on quests to generate money so they can have the town buy more fattening foods. Do you have a Discord link to this Expandnd idea? I could help with GMing while also having a char of my own.


Not yet! I’m going to set up the discord server over the course of this week and have something you can join up by Sunday. Canon RP won’t start until we’ve written basic setting stuff, but I think having the discord up will help us toss around ideas for that. I’m looking forward to your help!