A Role Play Server!



So the citizen and Fate ideas are a bad thing Natsu? I did not consider that as a possibility, but I guess that’s a good thing since it narrows the good ideas a bit, unless someone has a counterargument.


yes, this is what I was trying to say but you said it much more elegantly. All of what we love about Expand/Girth is just not compatible with the Fate System tbh. Not to say we couldn’t create something similar to “harm” in Monster of the Week, but I think people are interested in keeping track of weight in more detail than that.

This is what I meant by designing a sheet specific for citizens vs adventurers. The citizen sheet would be simplified, since they won’t be encountering all the same things as adventurers. I am still a fan of, for example, Brownies sneaking around in town in non-event ways and spicing up an RP here and there. Having a designated DM prompt people to make saving throws or roll for “damage”, tally it on their sheet. Or even just tell them how much they gain if the rpers don’t want/cant roll.


I’ll DM you since I don’t want to get too off topic, but I am very interested, even if a bit shy lol


I think Citizens are great, if they follow a simplified version of the D&D system and not something else like the Fate system. Some of them may never roll dice at all if their RP partners agree to it. The idea that I pitched was a very simplified D&D system that gave Citizen characters the range of bonuses of Adventurers could have that could be applied to non-encounter situations, without the limitations of Adventurers, and without going deep into WHY they earned those skills.
I think that if you want to play Fate, then you should just play Fate, and not try to combine it with anything else. With Fate, you have plenty of choice in how you design your character, and with the system I drafted, I wanted to have at least that level of choice and control. If a player wants to play a superman among commoners, then it’s not my place to say that they can’t, unless they’re adventuring and I’m the DM for the situation (in which case I will tell them to roll dice for their stats). I assume that a player who is used to public RPs will be aware that playing a flawless superman isn’t fun in the long run and they will design their character accordingly. I am trying to put plenty of trust in players of Citizens so that they can participate without feeling like their choices are determined by powers outside of their control, like a D&D rulebook would do to an Adventuring Character (when some players won’t own or have never read the rulebook). If a player wants to play a Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu character with no flaws, they will learn the hard way that it’s not very fun and it isn’t my business to tell them they can’t do it. Hence why I am trusting players to be honest about what their Citizen characters deserve to have, while of course not being more “powerful” than Adventuring characters, which in the D&D guides state that they are a cut above the normal citizenry in many ways.


With how you describe it, I think more people will take the Adventuring chars for this open world game, so maybe if Citizens were played as NPCs created by the players alongside their adventuring char, that way we could use both.

Also, if we just use the systems dealing with GLs/pounds for citizens without counting for GL attacks and the more combat-related stuff, the Girth system/ExpanDnD could be used for both.


This is why I don’t know so much about using GL in its purest form for the rp server, for citizens. In town, there’s not going to be a lot of combat, it doesn’t sound like. Not to say it’ll be boring, the premise (that everyone seems to like so far) is that this is a pretty USUAL world, and the WG magic has recently started up. Everyone’s going to have plenty to talk about in town without having to fight people who can polymorph them immobile and armless right off the bat.

I also feel like you may be overestimating the amount of interest in people playing Adventuring classes. Personally, I don’t know if my main is going to be one, either. I have a lot of commitments right now and I would love something more casual but still has the WG/TF themes.


Hmm. EchoTine you have a idea on balancing the Girth System WG on both citizens and adventurers?


I’m sure that most players will choose to play Adventuring Characters, but because echo_tine 's original idea was mostly based on an RP server, It’s my opinion that it’s unfair to treat non-Adventuring characters as second-class. In my mind, I imagine it that there are some characters who go out adventuring, and bring back money, stories, and special treasure to share and spend with the ones who stay at home, which are passive in an Adventuring sense, but are NOT passive for an RP. An RP within the town may last several in-game hours and it’s a chance for both Adventuring and Citizen characters to do what they want to with their characters with minimal or zero dice influence, and may be the best way to experience their fetishes. The way I see it, this is a way to combine RP and TTRPG communities through WG fetishes, and one shouldn’t be forced to surrender to the other. They should both have their areas where each one is dominant, with only a moderate bit of overlap.


Ooh you have a good point.


Yeah I definitely don’t want to treat them like second class players, just because they might not want to go on adventures, but still want to RP their fetishes. Expand/Girth provides a lot of tools to introduce those elements to an RP setting even if we’re not always using the exact rules. But just my take on it, honestly I’m just happy any form of this server is going to exist soon!


So anyway, what kinds of chars are you all gonna make? I’m thinking of a Slime Knight of the Steel Harvest, and if we do the Citizen thing a Elf Citizen for helping maintaining stores in the main town.


I planned out a happy-go-lucky gnome wizard as an adventurer. She’s a stereotypical lazy college girl who uses magic to avoid doing real effort, is addicted to snacking, and also has the chubby legal-loli appeal because she’s a gnome. I’ve done everything except roll dice for her, in case echo wants to watch me do it, which some DM’s are picky about.


I’m still deciding, really. Maybe a bard or sorcerer? The character I have in mind is usually human, but could be a tiefling, too. Honestly they might start off as a civilian with a job in town (maybe I’ll apply for one of the big jobs). And then maybe I’ll pick a class over the course of RP, if my schedule allows. This character is usually very friendly, a musician, and likes to listen to stories a lot. They’re also a big fan of animals, like that guy who has ten pictures of his dog on him ready to show off at all times. But we’ll need to hammer out the setting for me to decide more than that.


What about you Gus? As for my Slime char’s personality, she’s pretty much a living stomach, wanting to earn adventuring money so she can buy a way to make herself the fattest and fullest being to ever live. As for my elf citizen, she’ll pretty much be like a average feeder shopwoman, giving discounts on food for everyone while also making sure everyone she meets keeps getting fatter by tempting people with food.


Geez, one work shift, and the thread explodes, lol.

I’m firmly in the “character in town” camp. Definitely interested in the RP aspect of things, less so in the adventuring side. I’ve got a couple character ideas, though nothing concrete. The most developed one is either a human, elf, or half elf, preferably employed in either the bakery or restaurant. Her backstory is that she came to The Village to help out her Grandmother or other relative(s) at their place of business, much to her annoyance. She was less then happy about leaving the big city for this small town, but financial reasons as much as familial obligation made the choice for her.

In terms of level, using @Natsu-Kashi 's simplified d&d system, I see her starting out fairly low. She’s only been here about a month, and is still learning her profession. She is reasonably attractive, but has low charisma, and comes off as a bit awkward. She also has a terrible sweet tooth, and as time passes, develops a bit of a gluttonous streak. I see her as not being very happy or accepting of her weight gain initially, but absolutely terrible about doing anything about it. Over time, especially as a lot of the other residents find themselves in the same boat, she becomes more comfortable with her expanded/expanding form.

Nothing concrete yet, but I feel I’ve got a decent start, depending on what everyone else is thinking.


Well if you wanna improve and add money to the economy, so your gal can get fatter and bigger, you can always make a adventurer alongside your main citizen girl, in order to help strengthen the town’s economy. That way you can have your citizen for interactions while also helping the town get bigger and fatter.

But really there should be a limit to how many chars a person can have. I’ve been thinking 3-5, does that seem right?


that’ll really depend on how many people join, and how many admins are around to manage them. Some public RP groups are small enough to not have a cap, some people will have one character, some will have two dozen. Everyone’s different. I’m someone who never has more than 3-5, personally, but if the group is small enough and someone wants to go ham, I dont see a reason to tell them no.


Yeah, that seems to make sense.


I’m currently playing in a campaign, and DMing another, so I’m really just looking for the roleplay. Things at work can be a bit unpredictable at times as well, which makes planning to take part in any adventures somewhat difficult. As for the expanding waistline, well, there may be a distinct lack of “day olds” at this particular bakery…

On a related note, does anyone have any ideas on how to work the economy? I could see an adventurer-only source of currency having a few issues.


Well there could probably be two main ways of making income, mainly citizens farming and trading with other cities and adventurers going out and dealing with quests and monsters. There could be other ways to earn money, but that is mainly up to Echo_tine.