A Role Play Server!



I would love to see this follow through into something bigger and would be willing to help someone out if they want to give it a go


Money for Citizens will be a special problem to deal with. @Keroro04 's idea of having an adventurer who is the family or friend of a citizen who will help make money for them will be good for players who know how to adventure, but it won’t be fair to players who aren’t going to make an adventurer, unless there’s some sort of perfect buddy system where every citizen has an adventurer friend.
D&D is deliberately designed so that adventuring is the only way to make money (so that so-called adventurers won’t just stay in town and interact with only each other without exploring the world- which is precisely what we WANT players of citizens to be able to do.) I think it’s better if we come up with our own way for Citizens to make the money they need to spend on fancy food, potions, and other fun things they want to use in RP. Citizens might earn a wage from every day that they RP, even if it’s exorbitantly high by D&D standards. Or maybe the Job Board can have situations that are resolved only through RP with no adventuring required, with a reward of similar size that an adventuring party may find at the end of a dungeon.


Both ideas seem good, but I guess it’s up t @echo_tine to decide on which of your ideas is better.


Honestly, I’m not terribly worried about micromanaging everyone’s money. In TTRP, you have to do that because otherwise your level three characters are going to buy every magical item or nice armor- so it comes as a natural barrier and goals to get what they want to adventure bigger and better places.

I would sooner suggest that adventuring unlocks new magic, encounters, monsters, areas and magic items before I would endorse counting every piece of gold they earn. People have jobs within town, which naturally generate money, and I think we can all trust each other a bit to not let that get out of hand.

That’s just my opinion tho. If everyone would have more fun with keeping track of money, I’ll be surprised, but supportive if we want to tally values to what jobs make what money.


That actually seems like a great idea. I can’t wait when this Discord finally appears.


So if the world is mainly only having the fattening magic recently, you think that would impact the lore of the main town we are gonna be in? What should we even name the town? Adipea?


Well, I did say I would have this up sometime today . . . so here it is!


Keep in mind that the server is still in development. For now, RP won’t be the focus of discussion in the server. I think we should focus on nailing down all the systems and setting before it starts in earnest. Make sure to read the #welcome channel and check out the #references as well!


You forgot to include the Girth System for those who want to use that system. I can DM them after all, so it would probably be a good idea to give them the choice.


If your name on the server is different from your name here, and if I should know you from here because we’ve talked, please send me a DM through the forums to let me know your discord handle!


Hurrah for server opening I am excited. I cannot wait to see what comes from it


Okay, so here’s a really important pair of questions!

  1. How much adventuring are you planning to do? If you’re mostly going to stay in town, pick 1, and if you’re all for playing a TTRPG adventure, pick 5!
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  • 4
  • 5

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  1. For those of you who aren’t into the idea of playing a TTRPG, and like the idea of a more casual RP server, would you like to be able to just jump into the RP right away, or would you be willing to roll stats and stuff, like making a D&D character? Pick 1 if you just want to jump in, and pick 5 if you want to fill out a character sheet!
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Hey, add another poll too, for whether we use Points or Rolls.


Fresh out of the Design kitchen, here’s the current design overview release! We’ll be changing this as we develop the system and setting, so stay tuned for more!
If you’ve seen the previous version of this, big changes from that include a brief section on our honor system, which we want to feature a lot in town RP, as well as the Adipea development.
Please comment on the document or discuss in #questions-and-suggestions if you have anything to say~
We especially want you to take a look at the open issues in Adipea’s proposal page. Hope to hear your thoughts!


Next release is up!
EDIT: Maybe I should mention that we’re live!

ExpanD&D - Expansion and Weight gain themed rules for D&D 5e

Is it too late for me to join the server, or is it just something I can just jump into, I’m just curious as this idea seems really fun.


You’re always welcome to hop in~


So after a week of working out the–ahem–kinks…

We’ve finally nailed down most of the rules. Please come join us on Discord, and take a look at the v1.0 document for a quick overview of what we’re about. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Welcome to Adipea!

A gluttonous gnomish rogue gorges on the remains of a construct made from cake. A curious kobold cleric guzzles from a sugarwater sea. A wide-bottomed wizard magically enlarges her curve-hugging robe. A feeder fairy sends a hapless adventurer into a feeding frenzy. An enthusiastic baker stuffs her patrons with pastries pulled from thin air. And overnight, the pounds pile onto anyone who’s partaken in the land’s bounty or fallen prey to lipomantic spells.

Welcome to Adipea. You can kiss your figure goodbye.


Adipea is a city-state on the continent of Sybaris where expansion is becoming routine. It is a place for players to let their characters meet and mingle between adventures, forming friends, rivals, and curves. And if the city life ever leaves them hungry for more, organized adventures bring them new experiences, treasures, and ways to gain.

Whether you just want to run a food stall in the Biz or go out on adventures to come back with more power (and weight), you are welcome in Adipea. We hope you enjoy your stay!


I could always do this, since I’m pretty good at managing discord servers, having been a head admin of part of a staff team in many video game and roleplaying.


Phew! It has been a long time since we posted an update here! Anyway, we’re still active, so come join in if you’re interested~

Here’s the latest design document, our in-play version of ED&D, and the change logs for both!