a simple tamogachi sort of game?

so first off, yes i know the farm WAS a thing, but that really didn’t seem to go anywhere, and yes i know that fierylion has something akin to this, but anyway

a while ago a gamedev put up a small game on their tumblr about feeding a dragon girl, and i was thinking why don’t we get more games similar to this? a simple tamogachi style game about feeding a girl and either stuffing her or making her gain weight. maybe have some simple sprites or art that could be swapped out for easy modability, so you could put in custom characters ranging from OCs, monster girls, to even furs if that’s what you desire

anyway, just throwing this out there

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Tamagochi got up to 999kg too or something right?

Can we get a link to that?

oh, sure

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Cool, thank you! I’ll check it out when I can

just wanna say thank you :slight_smile:

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i dont know if you guys have something on this but its kinda tamagotchi where you must care for a pregnant girl and you need to feed her and clean her and she get also overfed Fantastic Fetus by Thomas Feichtmeir "Cyangmou" maybe it give some ideas

that one is pretty creepy with all the birthdefect roulette ect.

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maybe some idea ? Your Own (Living) Cow Girl! v1.0 - Release by Auctus177 on DeviantArt

ehhh, that’s kind of more focused on BE

does anyone have a link to the farm game that’s mentioned? Just want to check it out.

It’s in the archives now