A small game on Google Play (FitFatFight)

So I was browsing Google Play, and I actually found a mobile that somewhat intrigued me. It’s called FitFatFight, and while the game is a bit rough, the developer added a female player model, and after testing it out, the weight gain is pretty good, albeit the whole game is a clicker designed to get you to watch ads and shell out cash. But FitFatFight ain’t to shabby for what it is

Link to the Google Play page https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mamarene.FitFat&hl=en_US


Just checked it out. Pretty cool, but needs some work (but so does every game on Play Store).

Imo, I think Google wouldn’t have a problem with letting some WG games into their store. There’s so much stuff there, a fetish game (without porn or anything that is) wouldn’t make much difference.
The only problem are developers who’d make a said game…


Yeah, maybe the fine folks here on WeightGaming can fix that lol

Alright, actually after fully checking out the game:
It’s boring as hell, the only thing to look forward to is a few pictures of character changing. No story, no visuals, nothing to actually make you want to work for.
If making a clicker, you should make the player want to look at the screen. But for now, the only thing you can look at is a bunch of numbers and rarely changing character visuals.
Sure, the whole online worldwide clicks stuff might be cool, but it’s just a flashy lil thing.

It has potential. But currently, there’s not much of it


It’s trying to get people to pay for terrible gameplay. Just slightly more interesting to this community than the vast majority of similar mass-produced garbage on mobile platforms.


I checked it out, kinda cute… but helluva grind… and the payoff… well, that would be subjective.
I took screenshots of the girl’s 3 fat stages. Can I post them?


I don’t have a problem with you posting the screenshots here, I say double check the rules, but I think you’ll be fine :+1:

Where are the rules?

The FAQ section should have all the rules

I didn’t see anything about saying I can’t post screenshots(there was this bit about not posting others stuff, but screenshots should be fine).

Here are the 3 stages of fatness for the female model, they’re… alright. XD


You onow, looking at the stages again, they seem like they’d be some pretty solid character models for a RPG maker game

Pretty sure those are sprites from an RPG maker game, or at least converted from the same spritesheet

Well, if you find the specific game that uses that model, let me know lol

Those sprites are ripped directly from this thread.

We’ve gone full circle.


Wow, so that app dev found our site lol

Huh… What if he’s one of us, reading this post? Show yourself!

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hahah, ok maybe it is late for this answer… yeah I am the FitFatFight developer, you are right, I found your site and read the post with the girl sprite. At that moment I decided to start to create the game about feederism. I am starting in the world of videogames and this was my first game… Now the game was renamed to ´FatFitFat´and you can find it only on IOS… maybe in the future I will publish again on Android. Currently the game has a lot of new content, take it a look, and let me know if you are playing to give you a gift in the game :smiley:


Oh I only have android, but as soon as it’s ported I’ll take a look :+1:


Same here, on both accounts.

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