A Whole Lot to Love - A plus size dating sim

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/plus_size_vn
Itch .io page: A Whole Lot to Love by PlusSizeVN

This visual novel currently has a planned release date of Valentines day 2024. It revolves around Sam, a college student who struggles with his self-confidence, and finding a major to pursue. He meets 3 girls Arabella, Hannah, and Mitsuru; whom of which will change his life in a… big way!

We currently have a demo out, but its more of a proof of concept. Its available on itch .io for anyone to play!

Important note: This VN isn’t very fetish-y, its supposed to have good messages and themes, whilst being a VN that can cater to those who like plus size women, or struggle with body issues themselves and relate to Sam and the characters.


I really liked the demo, the characters all felt very real! looking forward to seeing more sneak peeks (I hope!) and the eventual release in 2024

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Welcome to the forums! I’ve been following your project for awhile now and throughly enjoyed the proof concept, Mitsuru is definitely my favorite character

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Seeing through this does that mean there is both a weight gain and weight loss route? If so I’d really like to see a weight loss route too. I could see the weight loss route going into 2 options of one where she’s happy with it or one where she gets unhappy with it. The unhappy route could lead back into the weight gain route where she not only gains back what she lost quickly but fly’s past it quickly too. Maybe the happy route is where she is able to finally balance classwork eating and fitness while keeping her apatite high


You actually managed to change the interface of the game, good job.
But labels do not disappear with textbox in transitions.

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The support is appreciated! We are planning on doing a huge update to the demo, perhaps releasing a full Act 1 demo, which will include the third heroine: Hannah.

Stay tuned!


I played through the demo and I will say it is very good so far. Looking forward to it’s further development.
I do have a question though, I noticed you mention the lack of fetishy stuff, which is fine, but will there be any weight gain?


This is extremely polished, crisp, and high quality. The writing is phenomenal, as is the artwork. There aren’t any real choices in the story so far, so I will be curious to see how everything looks once there is a little more agency. This has a lot of potential though!


Reading the title, the first thing my brain went to was:

Michael Bluth: Tell me the truth because there has been a whole lot of lying in this family.
Lucille Bluth: And a whole lot of love
Michael Bluth: More lies…

Anyways, a nice polished UI, very pleasant artwork and good use of stock assets. The writing is very well paced from what I saw and I look forward to learning more about these characters.

All in all, this project shows a lot of potential for future updates but there’s no way to gauge how well it is going to handle the actual gameplay aspects and how your choices will effect the story since there is almost no interaction at this time, just a single choice between watching two short sequences of disconnected scenes. For my very personal tastes, there are a few things I hope to eventually see in this game: Different Weight Stages for each of the girls, Full Frontal Nudity and the possible option for a Polyamorous relationship?

For now, all that can be really said at this time is good luck and…
the Senator Palpatine Meme



A little late to the party, so all I can do is echo the praise already mentioned. A well-executed demo with enjoyable characters and dialogue. I look forward to seeing this come to fruition - roll on, 2024!

Also, welcome to the forum, @PlusSizeVN! I hope you enjoy your stay.


Nice game :heart_eyes:

But how do you get to meet Hannah,

I only Saw the other 2.

The proof of concept is succesfull.

Hannah is not in the game yet.

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Thanks for the support

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strong start, make it about 20 times longer and it’ll be a great game!

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Looks good! The music is royalty-free stuff I’ve heard before, but still good. The writing’s good, too. Leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait to meet Hannah!

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The final product will have original music!

I recommending editing the OP of a thread when you announce an update at the bottom of the thread. That ensures both old readers who watch the thread and new readers who just started at the top will see it.


This month we released a small update since it was Valentines day. Progress isn’t going as fast as we would like, but that’s typical with volunteer projects.