Abducted Plus+ (A WGHFY Story)

The only thing I found like this was just for looking in the mirror

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Is there anything past chapter 3 yet? I’ve gotten the UMP repaired and maxed most of the NPC affinities. Currently at about 3200 weight just wandering around while trying to max my stamina but not much has happened story wise.
Very fun, just wanna make sure if I’m at the end of the currently available content so I’m not walking around just kinda waiting for something that wont happen.


that too, that’s a question I have. Will the silver grove have an effect in later chapters? it seems like a pretty nifty thing to include. I’m wondering what else it can do. Perhaps having the additional helping arms might be of great use later!


What additional helping arms?


@Gluttonyan @papan_2021 Yes it is - In the bathroom go to Toggle Descriptors → Custom Descriptor → Weight Descriptors.

@Katzuki_Uumi Nope, you reached the current content plateau. Nothing else special will happen for now.

@irenicusmw In regards to the question ‘Will the silver grove have an effect in later chapters’ - Yes it will. The next chapter progression story bit will play out differently to an extent depending on grove relations.

@Gluttonyan In chapter 3 - If you hangout with the grove event quite a bit, you can experience a transformation.


I managed to find the secret in chapter 3 a couple of days ago that I didn’t last time I played it. Also question. Can older version safe files like the current version be used for future versions/updates?


Yes they can, I even recommend using the ‘save to disk’ option if you are on PC to keep your save file safe.

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