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Team Poppu is a group of creators, lead by 8FineCookies and LordBater. Joined by other amazing creators such as Post-Bop & Lui!

Video Game In Development!

In our first gaming title, you will be commanding a battalion in a Tower Defence style game against the sentient Sugar Demon hordes. We aim to implement simple but fun mechanics combined with a belly stuffing aesthetic, something that’s both fun to play and watch. Place your units and use your commander’s signature abilities to make sure your soldiers don’t get “too” full.

8FineCookies: Programming | Art | Animation | Sound | Story Direction

LordBater: Story Direction | Writing

Post-Bop: Music

We are always working hard on the game! We have most of the mechanics done and in the process of making the game art. We’re also working on the story, which we’re releasing as we go!
Update 1:

We’re really excited to make this content, and hope you’ll be excited to join us for the ride as we make our first belly growth game!

Overtaken by an invasive species of sentient food soldiers, a specialized taskforce banded together with a sole objective to keep the Food Out! Able-bodied soldiers with the stomach for food violence we trained to stand watch at the gates, with orders to consume on sight. Starting small with just small units, the resistance would recruit an even wider range of talents, from the explosive Bunzooka panzerfaust, to the muscle simply referred to as “Big Betty”, all guided under the select few Commanders blessed with a supernatural sense of leadership. United, they are the AFF Anti-Food Fighters against the foreign Sugar Demons. All led by the nefarious Butelle Icetop, a lady of high command who follows her master religiously, commanding her sugary army to cause chaos throughout the lands! Her sugar mites infect the world, candyfying everything they touch! Yet Butelle is only one of the enemy commanders, and Knacks arch-enemy. Who will rain victorious from this conflict?

So the story is currently being released through images, however, a short story coming soon with the new animated short we’re working on! If you want to take a look at what’s going on in the world of Food Out! currently, I’ll link the order of events below!

The structural pillars of their squads, Commanders influence the tide of battle based on their unique toolsets. So despite all the like-minded soldiers that make up a squad, no two battalions are alike under a different Commander’s leadership.

This will be updated as the commanders are fully shown! Also, these are the main 3, expect a community commander (Winner of a competition), and a secret commander!

Trained to stand their ground against the approaching Sugar Demons, these military units are both the first and last line of defence, depending on their position. A successful commander must get to know each of her units, which are best suited for offence, for defence, and above all know the proper squad formation for their team’s strategy.

Here are 3 examples of Units, stats may change during testing and balancing

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Its been a full month without a single comment :0 ? Hopefully that doesn’t deter the team in any way id love to see this game through ^^ Good luck Team Poppu!

We will be posting more very soon! Will be making an Update post on our pages and here! : )